Teks penuh


A. Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

Read the following text for answer no. 1 – 5!

Mr. Warsidi has a garden in his yard, and he likes to work there. He says it is fun . Today he is planting flowers in the garden. There is also an old mango tree in the yard. He always cuts the leaves and the branches in taking care of it. He said that the flowers must get more sun. Mr. Warsidi often involves his children to take care together of the garden. So they will understand how to take care their environment. Many people tell Mr. Warsidi how beautiful his garden is.

1. What is Mr. Warsidi’s hobby

a. planting b. singing c. climbing d. decorating

2. What is he planting in the garden today?

a. tree b. rambutans c. mango d. flower

3. What tree does he always cut its leaves and branches ?

a. coconut b. mango c. flower d. rambutans

4. Why does he always cut them ?

a. to take care of it b. To plant c. to grow d. to be died

5. What do many people think about his garden?

a. because his garden is bad c. Because his garden has flower

b. because his garden is beautiful d. Because many trees are in his garden

Read the following text for answer no. 6 – 8!

Redwood trees are the largest and the oldest living growing in California, USA. They can be more than 100 metres tall. These giant redwoods have a very thick trunk. Twenty men with arms outstreched, cannot circle them. Some of the living redwoods started growing 3,500 years ago.

6. What is the name of plant ?

a. Backwood trees c. Whitewoods trees

b. Redwood trees d. California Trees

7. How high is it?

a. more than 100 metres tall c. 100 km tall

b. less than 100 metres tall d. 100 centimetres tall

8. When did redwood trees star growing ?

a. last year b. 3,500 years ago c. Less than 2,500 ago d. thousand years

Read the following memo for answer no. 9 – 11!

Mom, I borrowed your clutch bag the one with black suede colour and two side pocket. I need it for


birthday party tonight. Thank youvery much Putri

9. Where is putri going?

a. She is gooing to market c. She is going to Bima’s party

b. She is going to Mother’s party d. She is not going to anywhere

10. Which bag does Putri borrow from her mother? a. black suede colour bag

b. black suede colour with two side pocket c. black suede colour with one side pocket bag d. white suede colour and bag without pocket 11. To whom is the memo given ?

a. Putri b. Mother c. Putri’s mother d. Putri’s father

Read the following text for answer no. 12 – 13!


Exciting course for those who want to learn how to play musical instrument.Those the first 25 registrans will get a 20 % discount. Courses are held once a week for three months. Fees charge : Rp. 300.000 per course. Types of musical instrument courses are:

a. Guitar d. violin




b. Piano e. organ c. drum

12. What kind of functional text is it?

a. advertisement b. leaflet c. brochure d. memo

13. How often are courses held?

a. twice a week for one month c. Everyday for one month

b. there times a week for one month d. Once a week for three months

Read the following text for answer no. 14 – 16!

I went to Rahman’s house yesterday to do homework, I went there with Dodi. After finishing the homework, Rahman made rujak. Rahman likes spicy food, so he made it very spicy. Actually, I am not used to eating spicy food, but yesterday I could not restrain myself from eating it. The rujak was very tasty, although it was spicy. I ate it too much. The next morning I got stomachache and I could not go to school.

14. What kind of text is it?

a. descriptive text b. Procedure text c. Narrative text d. Recount text

15. What is the orientation of text above?

a. I, Rahman’s house, Yesterday c. Rahman’s house, yesterday, rujak

b. I, homework, rujak d. Went, made, got

Read the following text for answer no. 16 – 20!

Last Monday I flew to Bali. Two days before, I went to my office in Yogyakarta and Bought my ticket. Then, very early on Monday morning, I went to the office again with my Luggage and got into the bus with the other passengers.

The bus took us to the airport. There, people took our luggage and put in the aeroplane and then, after about twenty minutes, we got in too. I was little afraid at first because it was my first flight. Then, a kind lady, she was the stewardess, brought some sweets and spoke to me, and soon I was quite happy again.

16. The type of the text about ?

a. description b. narration c. recount d. report

17. From the text we know that the writer went to Bali by ....

a. car b. plane c. bus d. ship

18. Did the writer feel afraid at first ?

a. Yes, he did b. No, she wasn,t c. Yes, he does d. No, she doesn’t

19. “ She was the stewardess” the underlined means in Indonesia is ....

a. kapten b. kasir c. pelayan d. pramugari

20. Who put the luggage in the Aeroplane ?

a. The Captain b. The People c. The passangers d. The kind lady

Read the following text for answer no. 22 – 25!

On the sea people have many kinds of ship. There are some big ships such as ferries, cruises, submarines, and ocean liners. There are also small ships like boats, steamboats, motorboats, and rafts. In the air, people have many kinds of airplanes. They are helicopters, jet planes, bombers, gliders and passenger planes. They usually use a passanger plane to carry passengers and load things for long distance between two cities in one island or in different islands.

21. There are many sea transportations such as :

a. ferries and buses b. cruise and taxi c. jet and ship d. ferries and


22. Indonesia’s Submarine accross the Atlantic Ocean. The underlined means in Indonesia is ..

a. ferry b. pesawat c. kayak d. kapal selam

23. The followings are big ships except, ....

a. ferry b. steamboat c. ocean liner d. cruise

24. The text talks about ....

a. kinds of ship c. kinds of plane

b. kinds of boats d. kinds of transportations

25. The followings are air transportations, except ....

a. motorboat b. jet plane c. bomber d. cargo plane

Read the following letter for answer no. 26 – 27!

To : Rio

Hi please come to my house. I have a birthday party. It held today on 06.00 PM.

Don’t miss it. John

26. What is the message about ?

a. birthday party b. wedding party c. meeting d. studying

27. Whose the sender in this invitation card ?


Read the following letter for answer no. 28 – 29!

Thanks Aunt Siska for the beautiful shoes that you sent to me. 3 days ago. It really save some money. I used my money to buy another school equipments. Sender Pedro 18/10/2007 09.15 PM

28. Who give the special present ?

a. Pedro b. shoes c. aunt’s Siska d. School equipment

29. When did the shoes arrive to him ?

a. 09.15 PM b. 3 days ago c. Pedro d. 18/10/2007

30. I used my money to buy another school equipments. The synonime of the underline is ………..

a. tools b. saw c. drill d. hoe

31. Ucok : you live?

Putra : I lived at Salon Makmur Sentosa no 62

a. Why b. Who c. When d. Where

32. a. We visited Batam Center, and Waterfront center

b. Seno didn’t want to go to the Vietnam camp, so I went on my own but I didn’t enjoy it

c. Unfortunately, Seno and I disagree on most things

d. I went to my uncle’s house in batam last month. They have a son, named, Seno. e. I can’t say I would like to go back to my uncle’s house. It wasn’t a very good holiday.

Arrange the sentences above into correct order?

a. d – c – a – b – e b. b – c – a – d – e c. c – d – a – b – e d. a – b – c – d – e 33. Toni and Rendi are the same age. It means Toni is ... Rendi

a. as high as b. as long as c. as old as d. as handsome as

34. Snakes ... not have legs.

a. do b. does c. did d. done

35. The cat ... all the plates on the table.

a. break b. breaks c. is broken d. are broken

36. The birds ... into the sky.

a. fly b. flies c. is flewn d. was read

Fill in the blanks of the text below on number 37 – 39!

Last weekend my family ___37___ picnic to the Botanical Garden. We ___38____ there by car. My Father ____39____ the car carefully.

37. a. have b. has c. had d. having

38. a. go b. went c. going d. gone

39. a. drove b. driving c. drive d. driven

40. In – Rafflessia – the – biggest – is – world – Arnoldi – the flower

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

a. 2 – 6 – 3 – 4 – 8 – 1 – 5 – 7 c. 2 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 7 – 5 b. 5 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 4 – 6 d. 2 – 3 – 6 – 4 – 7 – 1 – 8 – 5 41. I …….. a mango tree in my yard.

a. has b. have c. are having d. is having

42. She ……. at me.

a. smile b. smiles c. is smile d. is smiles

43. The cat ……… all the plates on the table.

a. break b. breaks c. is break d. are break

44. Andi does not …….. to sing.

a. like b. likes c. to like d. is like

45. They are Japanese. They …….. speak Spanish well.

a. do b. does c. do not d. does not

46. A chimpanzee is an African ape. It is ……… than a gorilla.

a. taller b. shorter c. bigger d. smaller

47. …… moon is so bright.

a. a b. an c. it d. the

48. There is …… new kid in class. His name is Edi.

a. a b. an c. the d. some

49. An octopus …… eight foot.

a. have b. has c. had d. is have

50. Would you like to come to my party tonight?

a. It does not matter. c. Well done