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I. Read the text and answer the questions!

School Canteen

The students of grade six have a long day at school on Tuesdays. There is an extra class. They usually have lunch in the school canteen. There are many kinds of food and drink. There are fried chicken, fried rice, vegetables, meatballs, ice cream, water iced tea, orange juice and milk.

1. What is the title of the text?

2. When do the students have an extra class? 3. What do they do in the school canteen? 4. Mention the food according to the text! 5. Mention the drink according to the text!

II.Choose the correct answer a, b, c, or d!

6. There is...porridge in the bowl.

a. some b.a d.the

7. There on the table.

a. some b.a d.the

8. There are...candies in the box.

a. some b.a d.the

9. There isnot...milk in the bottle.

a. any b.some d. a

10.Spinach, bean, and cauliflower are names of... a. fruit b.animal c. number d.vegetable orange in the basket?

a. There is b. Is there c. There are d. Are there

12.Pear, guava, and pineapple are names of... a. fruit b.animal c. number d.vegetable

13.This fruit is small and round. It tastes sweet and a little sour. The colour is purple. It is...

a. eggplant b. grape c. jackfruit d. zalacca

14.The vegetable is long and orange. The rabbit likes it. It is... a. cucumber b. potato c.carrot d.bean

15.I like noodle very much. Noodle means...

a. bubur b.roti c.kue d. mie

16.Yoghurt and coke are...

a. food b.drink c.fruit d.vegetable

17.Porridge and read are...

a. food b.drink c.fruit d.vegetable

18.This is small and red. It tastes very hot. It is... a. tomato b.potato c.chili d. corn

19.Do you like orange juice?

a. Yes,I don’t b.Yes,I do c.Yes,I can d. Yes,I am

20.Do you like coffee?

a. No,I don’t b. No,I can’t c.No,I amn’t d. No,I weren’t

III. Change this sentence into negative form!

21.(+) There is a banana on the table.

(-)... 22.(+) There is some noodle on the plate.

(-)... 23.(+) There are some eggs in the basket.

(-)... 24.(+) There is an ice cream in the fridge.

(-)... 25.(+) There is some juice in the bottle.

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