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A. Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1. Yoga is a student of SMP 45 Tebo. He always gets a good mark. He is a …………. student.

a. stupid b. clever c. bad d. lazy

2. The month comes after July is ………

a. June b. August c. September d. October 3. Look at the picture! She is my teacher.

Her name is Mrs. Lorna. She is slim and tall.

Her hair is ………

a. you and me c. long and black

b. big and high d. short and small

4. The students of SMPN Satu Atap Sungai Karang usually held a flag ceremony on ……… a. Sunday b. Monday c. Friday d. Saturday

5. What month has twenty eight or twenty nine days?

a. January b. February c. March d. April Read the following text for answer no. 6 – 8!

The new school year begins. Students of class VII enter the new school. The new school is SMP Bina Ilmu. Tuti is one of the new students. She sits in class VII-B. When she comes to school, she meets a girl in the

school yard. Tuti says,”I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Tuti. I am in class VII B.

I live on Jl. Diponegoro 18 Jambi. What is your name?” The girl answered, ”How do you do, Tuti? I am glad to meet you. I am Linawati. We are in the same class. My address is on Jl. Hamid Rusdi 108 Bungo.

6. Does the new school begin?

a. Yes, it does b. No, it doesn‟t c. Yes, it is d. No, it isn‟t 7. What Is Tuti?

a. class VII B b. a new student c. a new school d. a girl 8. Who lives in Bungo?

a. Tuti is b. Linawati is c. Tuti does d. Linawati does Read the dialogue below for answer no. 9 – 10!

Dani : I‟m in class 8D. What is your address?

Yeni : On Jl. Nanas 35. Where do you live?

Dani : On Jl. Teratai 12. What is your hobby, Deni? Yeni : Do you like badminton?

Dani : Yes, I do. I also like volley ball. Do you have any brother or sister?

Yeni : No, I don‟t. I‟m the only child of my family.

Dani : I see. Listen, the bell is ringing. Let‟s get to the class!

Yeni : O.K. Let‟s go. 9. Who likes badminton?

a. Dani does b. Yeni does c. Dani and Yeni do d. No one does 10. Where did the dialog happen?

a. at school b. in the classroom c. on the way home d. at home Read the following text for answer no. 11 – 13!

Hi friends! This is my friend, Sisca. She comes from West Java. She was born in Bogor on August 18, 1995. Her hobbies are singing and swimming. She also like planting flowers very much. She lives on Jl. A. Yani 100. She lives together with her parents and her two sisters. They are Mr. and Mrs. Handoyo, Maria and Linda.

Sisca studies at SMP 05. Her older sister is in the first year of Senior High School, and Linda is still in Elementary school.

11. What is Sisca’s hobby?

a. swimming and siging c. singing and planting flowers with her family b. swimming and planting flowers d. singing, swimming and planting flowers




12. Who is the second child of Sisca‟s family?

a. Handoyo b. Maria c. Tiara d. Sisca

13. “They love one another”

The word “They” in the sentence refers to………

a. Sisca‟s sister b. Sisca‟s parents c. sisca‟s father d. Sisca‟s family

Read the dialogue below for answer no. 14 – 15! dictionaries, newspapers and magazines and still many others. During the break time, there are a lot of students go to the school library. The students go there everyday. They want to read newspapers, magazines, books and so on. Some of them also borrow some books or novels. Why do the students like to visit the library? Because by go there, they can get a lot of information from the library. By reading a lot, the students will enrich their knowledge.

There is a librarian. His name is Mr. Siswiyanto. He is very kind and patient. He always helps everybody. He serves the students well. To be a member of a library, The students must have a library card or a member card. The card is important because you can not borrow any books if you can not show your member card.

16. What do the students do in the library?

a. to read and borrow some books c. to develop their reading skill b. to read and buy some books d. to get some information 17. The main idea of paragraph 2 is ………

a. the reasons why the students like to visit the library b. a little about the librarian

c. the important rule of the library d. the function of a member card 18. What is a librarian?

a. A librarian is Mr. Siswiyanto

b. A librarian is person who always keeps everybody c. A librarian is a person who serves the students well

d. A librarian is a person who works or is in charge of a library 19. Which of the following is not true about the library rules?

a. The students must keep silent on the library b. The students may disturb other students

c. The students can read, study, or write in the library d. The students must have a library card

20. To be a member of a library, the students must have ………

a. a credit card c. a personal identity card b. a student card d. a library card

Read the following text for answer no. 21 – 22!

Now we have an English class. Mrs Lutfi is our English teacher. She is standing in front of the class now. She is explaining about “School Life‟. She teaches us very patiently. We are listening about her attentively. Sometimes we are serious. Sometimes we have a laugh because Mr. Lutfi tells us a fun story.

21. What is she explaining about?

a. Family Life b. School Life c. Occupation d. Self Introduction 22. Why do sometimes we have a laugh?

a. Because Mr. Lutfi is a fun teacher c. Because our teacher tells us a funny story b. Because the lesson is funny d. Because we have a fun classmate

Read the following text for answer no. 23 – 25!

The students of VII-A have just finished doing an experiment in the laboratory. It is nine fifteen. It is time for them to have a break now. Erna and her friends are in the canteen. The canteen is big and clean. There

is a washing table with sentence “wash your hands before and after eating” above it. There are bowls of


and obedience help to make sure everybody follow the canteen rules. The rules are to queue up to buy food and not t spit in the floor. If the students are cooperative, the canteen will be clean and safe.

23. The students are in the ……… now.

a. laboratory b. canteen c. library d. office 24. What are the canteen rules?

a. Work together to prepare food c. Wash your hands before and after eating b. Discipline and obedience d. Queue up to buy and not to spit in the floor 25. “There is a washing table with sentence „wash your hands before and after eating‟ above it.” Te word

it refers to ………

The combination of the two sentences is ……… a. Rudi is a lazy boy and Rony is too.

The arrangement of the jumbled words above is ………

a. 4 – 2 – 1 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 6 c. 4 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 b. 3 – 5 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 2 – 7 d. 4 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 6 Read the following text for answer no. 31 – 35!

At half past four in the morning, Nana gets up. Nana‟s mother is in the kitchen. She cooks the breakfast.

Her father feeds the birds. Nana sweeps the floor and yard. Meanwhile, her brother, Dani, feeds the chicken.

After sweeping, Nana helps her mother washing the cooking utensils. That time mother sets the breakfast on the table in the dining room. Dani cleans the car and father is in the bathroom to takea bath. They have breakfast together after they take a bath. Then, Dani and Nanang go to school. Before going to the office, Nana’s father reads a newspaper.

31. Nana usually gets up at ……… every morning.

a. 04.30 b. 05.30 c. 06.30 d. 07.30

32. What does the writer do at the first time?

a. feeding the chickens c. taking a bath

b. feeding the bird d. sweeping the floor and the yard 33. Mother cook the breakfast in the ……… Read the dialogue below for answer no. 36 and 37!

Teacher : Good morning everybody. ………(36)………..?

Students : two, sir.

Teacher : Why are they absent?

Students : …………(37)…………..


36. a. How many students are there in your class? b. How many students are present today? c. How many students are absent today? d. How many students are there today?

37. a. Because there is an English test today. c. Because their father is angry b. Because they do their homework. d. Because they are sick 38. The teachers and the students have a flag ceremony ………. a week.

They usually hold on Monday

a. once b. twice c. twice times d. four times 39. We have breakfast in the ……… before we go to school.

a. night b. evening c. afternoon d. morning 40. This morning the postman ……… me a letter.

a. paid b. lent c. sent d. made

Read the dialogue below for answer no. 41 – 43!

Deni is a new student. He meets Hari in the canteen. Deni : Hi, my name is Deni. What is your name? Hari : Hi, my name is Hari. Are you a new student? Deni : Yes, I am. I’m in 1C, and you?

Hari : Me, too. Then we are classmates.

41. Deni is ………

a. a new teacher b. a new student c. a teacher d. a librarian 42. Deni meets Hari in ………

a. the classroom b. the library c. the yard d. the canteen 43. Are they classmates?

a. Yes, they are. b. No, they are not. c. Yes, they are not. d. No, they are. 44. Sigit : I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Sri.

Sri : ………, Sigit.

a. Bye c. Nice to meet you, too

b. How do you do? d. Pleased to meet you 45. Nicky : I’m going to sleep now.

Stuart : OK, ………

a. Good night b. Goodbye c. Bye d. Good evening 46. Fitra : What is Eka doing?

Linda : He (study) English.

The best of the Linda’s sentence is………

a. He studying English. c. He is studying English. b. He studies English. d. He study English. 47. Wulan : What is Susan doing?

Citra : She (cook) fried rice.

a. She is cooking fried rice c. She cooking fried rice b. She cooks fried rice d. She is cooks fried rice 48. Betty …… working in the post office?

a. Is b. Am c. Are d. Do

49. Rima : Thank you for your attention.

Anto : ………

a. You are welcome b. I am very sorry c. Please excuse me d. Thanks 50. Ranti : I’m sorry, I broke your ruler.

Angga : ………

a. Thank you b. Never mind c. Please excuse me d. You are welcome




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