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The profile antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the tissues of Macaques (Macaca fascicularis): an Immunohistochemical study


Academic year: 2017

Membagikan "The profile antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the tissues of Macaques (Macaca fascicularis): an Immunohistochemical study"


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of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University, Campus, 16680




(SOD) is one of the

radical scavenger which catalyzes anion radical generated

SOD thus eliminates from

reported that SOD was immunohistol localized in the human and rat

tissues 1989; Wresdiyati

1997). SOD was also reported plays role in physiological

Some cases of failed pregnancy in human was by the decreasing level of SOD (Sugino et 2000). of SOD was also

reported in condition such

as stress, diabetes and

(Wresdiyati et 2002; Wmsdiyati 2003; Wresdiyati 2003;

Wresdiyati et in neoplastic tissues

and neuron of in pancreatic tissues of Macaca fascicularis.

Materials and Methods

The liver, kidney, testis, adrenal gland,


lung, and pancreatic tissues of Macaca

fascicularis were obtained and fixed in



24 After fixation,


tissues were then dehydrated in a


of alcohols

and cleared in The tissues were then

embedded in paraffin before microtome sectioning (4 thickness). Tissue

were immunohistochemically stained for

as described previously

et 1989; Wresdiyati et 2008) with

modifications. The tissue sections were washed for 15 min with 3 changes of

each step. After and

rehydration, the tissue sections were exposed

to 3% for min to inactivate endogenous peroxidase activity and then to normal goat serum to block nonspecific binding. rinsing with PBS, the tissue

sections were incubated with the primary

antibody of (Sigma at

The tissues were then incubated with enhanced labelled polymer peroxidase

The reaction product of

antibody was visualized using diamino (DAB). The tissue sections were then counterstained with haematoxylin, followed by dehydrated through a of alcohols, and cleared with xylol. Finally, the

sections were mounted on glass slides with entelan, For the control of staining, tissue sections were incubated with instead of antibody. The tissue sections of control staining showed a negative reaction with background staining.

The distribution and frequency of positive

reaction of

staining on the tissues was observed qualitatively by means of light It was based on the brown colour intensity in the calls and the distribution of the reaction product.

Results and Discussion

The positive reaction


of immunohistochemically localization to the showed brown in the


2008 August 19' - 2008

showed contain the enzyme. The


tissues, except in kidney glomerulus. medulla



showed high content of adrenal gland, calls, and

of These findings to the acinar cells of pancreatic tissues. function as a main gate for

It was well that the liver produce more

free by reactions In

mitochondria, and


to the Kidney

tissues showed high content of Cu,

SOD especially In the proximal tubule cells, while distal tubule cells less

SOD, and there is no in the glomerulus. The tubule



more than other

part of and Makita,

so more reaction take In

the cells. The high content in the

may to prevent


all those danger free generated in the cells.

In the adrenal tissues.



content of in each part of the tissues. The highest content in the

zona followed by zona

zona respectively. Medulla

area of adrenal gland showed negative content

of testicle tissues showed

high content of in

and cells, less content in late spermatid cells, and there is no in


activity was also reported in and early

of rat testis


1992). Heart tissues especially heart muscles showed high content of but some of muscles showed less It may to the degenerative processing of the cells. showed high levels in the Langerhans island of

tissues, by contrast there is almost

no content of the enzyme in the acinar cells both nuclear and cytoplasm. It may to

the function of oxidations in a,


gama cells of island. These findings


showed that oxidations




place in acinar cells compared to the cells

in island.

The present study concluded

SOD was localized in the liver, kidney, adrenal gland, lung, testis, heart, and pancreatic

chemical 'of in the

(a) liver, (b), kidney, adrenal gland, lung, (e) testis, heart, and pancreatic tissues. Scale 25


B., and J.M.C. 1995. Free radicals


biology and medicine.

Ed. Oxford : Press.

Wresdiyati, and 1995.

Remarkable increase of peroxisomes m

the renal tubule cells of Japanese


under fasting stress.

Wresdiyati T, RPA, Adnyane IKM, K. Irnmunohistochemical study of

(SOD) in the liver of diabetic

6 1-65



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