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Academic year: 2017


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Submitted as a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for getting Bachelor Degree

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A. Background of the Study

Novel is one of literary work which has contributed in making good film. Many directors try to realize novels into movie version. They want to make a film based on reader imagination and to illustrate it in visual image. There are many novels which are adapted to movie versions, such as,

Cinderella, Great Expectation, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, the three

musketeers, Pinocchio, Gone with the Wind, Memoirs of Geisha, include Man in the Iron Mask.


Malkovich as Athos and Gerard Depardeau as Porthos. Man in the Iron Mask

was released on March 13, 1998 in United States. The location of making this film is in France; Studios D’Arpajan saint – German – Lest – Arpajan France and it is produced in United States.

Man in the Iron Mask is a film which tells about the rebellion of the three musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis to the king, Louis XIV, in the name of France people. Although they have been retired, they will fight if they look something injustice. They are angry with the king because he is cruel, vicious and selfish. He just cares about himself and he is careless with his own people. He lets them starve by giving rotten foods. The former musketeers, Athos and Aramis also have personal problem with the king. It hurts for Athos to realize that his son Raoul (Peter Sarsgaard) is killed by Louis. The king sends Raoul in danger intentionally to get his fiancée, Christine (Judith Godreche) to be his mistress.


reason why D'Artagnan is always in Louis side. The truth is he is the Louis’ father.

The plan is done without D'artagnan. The three musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis try to release Phillippe (Leonardo DiCaprio) the king's twin from the prison and from the iron mask which he has used for 6 years. Actually Louis wants to kill him but a king cannot kill for his claim to power rested on the sanctity of royal blood. So he decides to keep Phillippe in the Iron mask which is made by himself. He prefers to hide Phillippe's face with it until he dies. He feels it can endanger his position as a king if everyone knows that he has twin.


iron mask. Then Phillippe replace his brother to lead France, and brings the people food, prosperity and peace.

Man in the Iron Mask gets its success at the time. The film which is only spent $.35 million for the budget can stay at the summit of the United States box office for 4 months and get $.56.954.719 in Unite States and $.182.968.902 from the worldwide. Totally, it gets $204.923.621 gross. Man in the Iron Mask which takes 132 minutes is containing an Action/adventure, drama and adaptation genres that make the story more interesting. To follow up the successful of the film, it was released the DVD format On February 1st, 2000 and it became best seller at that time, it was sold 10.198 in DVD.


of European Movie Awards, and the last, in 1999 it was nominated CDG (Costume Designers Guilds) Awards with excellent costume design for film category (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120744/awards). After it is voted by 114 customers, it results; 45 customers give 5 stars, 35 customers give 4 stars, 17 customers give 3 stars, 6 customers give 2 stars, and 11 customers give 1 star. From this vote we can conclude that Man in the Iron Mask is not a disappointing film. We still get something entertaining from this.

Beside getting any good comments, Man in the Iron Mask also gets criticism from the viewer. It is protested by Christians because it puts the sexual intercourse too much just for the heck of it. It gives a bigger impact if all Christians would do trashy part everytime. Man in the Iron Mask is having arcs characters, blunt motivations, and inevitable act redemption.


Man in the Iron Mask is an interesting movie; there are at least four appeals that we can enjoy in this movie. First is the setting. The film's authenticity and visual presentation are as glorious in the decadent luxury surrounding the King of France as grotesque in the terrible place occupied by the Man in the Iron Mask. The filmmaker brings the great palace of Versailles to life with elegance and finesse. The beauty of the gardens defies verbal explanation.

Second is the visualization. It gives the audience a beautiful and epic music, and the motion picture is done with pride and conviction. The film, however, is not exactly faithful when it comes to historical facts. It has been created for pleasant entertainment purposes. Louis XIV of France, whose great prestige earns him the title of 'the Sun King', rules France in one of its most brilliant periods and remains the symbol of absolute monarchy of the classic age.


The Last is the character of each actor which is played beautifully. Especially, Leonardo DiCaprio who gets praises from almost viewers. He can play in dual roles. He can show the differences of character between Louise and Philippe perfectly. He is ambitious, cruel, and selfish as Louise then he becomes very wise, gentle, and calm as Philippe.

Research on Louis characteristic is very exciting. He is a picture of a king who is really greedy for power. Louis has purpose to reach his superiority whether he uses the wrong way. He imagines how he can reach it so his life becomes very perfect without disturb from somebody else. Unfortunately his ambition is just a fiction.

Based on the reason above, the writer will research this movie by using fictional finalism theory by Alfred Adler. Thus, the writer constructs the title

“The Greed for Power of Louis XIV in Randall Wallace’s Man in the Iron Mask Movie: Individual Psychological Approach”.

B. Literature Review


In her research, she found, the outcome of the study shows that the problem faced by the major character causes the conflict of his mental condition. It brings him to moral anxiety that influences his personality. Finally, the change of personality makes him suffer in the end. To make it different, the writer would like to analyze the film version with different perspective, which is individual psychological approach and focuses on fictional finalism of Louis XIV as a major character which is reflected in this movie.

C. Problem Statement

After analyzing the explanation above, the writer can formulate the problem statement as follow; how greed for power of Louise XIV is reflected in this movie.

D. Limitation of the Study

To carry out the study, the writer needs to limit the study. The writer is going to analyze the greed for power of Louise XIV as the major character in

Man in the Iron Mask movie based on fictional finalism in individual psychological approach.

E. Objectives of the Study


1. To analyze the structural element of Man in the Iron Mask movie.

2. To analyze the greed for power of Louise XIV as a major character of Man in the Iron Mask movie based on fictional finalism in an individual psychological approach.

F. Benefit of the Study

The study of Man in the Iron Mask movie which is based on an individual psychological approach has two benefits, they are:

1. To give some contribution or understanding of the Man in the Iron Mask

movie especially by an individual psychological approach.

2. To improve the researcher’s understanding and competence in applying an individual psychological approach.

G. Research method

1) Object of the study

The researcher takes Man in the Iron Mask film as the object of the study. The movie is directed by Randall Wallace released in 2004.

2) Type of the data and data source


a. Primary data source

The primary data is taken from Man in the Iron Mask movie CD and the script which is downloaded from: http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie-script/c/

b. Secondary data source

The secondary data source is taken from other sources, which are related to the primary data such as biography of the director, some books of psychology, website about the film and another data related to this film.

3) Technique of Data Collection a. Observation

The data is taken by watchingMan in the Iron Mask movie in order to understand about the movie.

b. literary research

The data are collected from the books that are related to the topic.

4) Technique and Data analysis

The researcher uses two techniques in analyzing the data:

a. Analyzing the structural elements of the film including narrative and technical elements.


H. Research Paper Organization


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