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Landscape Design Documentation

A Guide to Plan Checking and Quality


Brian T. McDonald, Arlington, TX


The first book and CD package that offers plan checking guidelines and

quality control measures developed specifically for landscape architects'

contracts, documentation and drawings.

Author biography


Brian Thomas McDonald, ASLA (Arlington, TX) Licensed landscape architect in the state of Texas

Practicing landscape architect with over twenty years experience in the US and Asia BS and MLA, University of Texas, Arlington

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Publication Date: May 12, 2006

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• Defines the role of the landscape architect • Highlights the most common risk exposures

• Offers guidelines for implementing a quality control plan

• Includes over 40 checklists for every part of the process, from design through construction • Accompanying CD includes all checklists for immediate use and customization

• Offers guidelines for monitoring work and increasing efficiency, thereby reducing production time and increasing profits.

Market description

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• Professionals in landscape architecture, architecture and urban planning and those studying for the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam (LARE)

• Students and Professors of landscape architecture and architecture. Courses: Professional practice, Landscape Construction I and II.


Landscape Design Documentation

A Guide to Plan Checking and Quality Control

Brian T. McDonald

About the book

This book identifies the most common errors and omissions on landscape architectural documents and provides guidelines for minimizing these through the use of checklists. It illustrates a procedural framework for plan checking in order to improve the overall quality and content of documentation.

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Landscape Design Documentation

A Guide to Plan Checking and Quality Control

Brian T. McDonald

Table of contents

Introduction Acknowledgements



Becoming a Landscape Architect Ethical Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities Professional Liability

2. Scope of Services

Practice Diversity Forms of Practice Company Structure Project Services

Collaboration with Other Professions

PART II. RISK MANAGEMENT 3. Identifying Common Risk Exposures

Contracts and Proposals Common Risk Exposures

4. Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance Office Related Insurance Employee Related Insurance Selecting an Insurance Agent Contract Provisions

5. Dispute Resolution

Resolving Disputes in the Conference Room Mediation

Arbitration Litigation Expert Witnesses


Quality Plan Purpose Office Organization Office Management Employees


Record Keeping / Database Management Process

7. Plan Checking Quality Control


The CAD Revolution

PART IV. QUALITY CHECKLISTS 8. Data Collection Checklists

8-1 Project Information 8-2 Data Collection 8-3 Site Inventory 8-4 Site Analysis 8-5 Client Questionnaire

9. Consultant Coordination Checklists

9-1 Architect Coordination


9-2 Civil Engineer Coordination 9-3 Structural Engineer Coordination

9-4 Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Coordination 9-5 Quantity Surveyor Coordination

9-6 Interior Designer Coordination

9-7 Architectural Lighting Designer Coordination 9-8 Fountain / Lake / Pool Consultant Coordination 9-9 Geotechnical / Soil Agronomist Coordination 9-10 Horticulturist Coordination

10. Design Document Checklists

10-1 Design Requirements

10-2 Typical Report Outline Checklist 10-3 Landscape Assessment Components 10-4 Stormwater Management

10-5 Urban Design Components 10-6 Accessibility Requirements

11. Construction Document Checklists

11-1 Base Sheet Checklist 11-2 Demolition Plan Checklist 11-3 Construction Plan Checklist 11-4 Construction Details Checklist 11-5 Grading Plan Checklist 11-6A Planting Plan Checklist 11-6B Interior Planting Plan Checklist 11-7 Lighting Plan Checklist

11-8 Irrigation Plan Checklist

11-9A Specialty Items - Tennis Courts 11-9B Specialty Items - Swimming Pools 11-9C Specialty Items - Water Features 11-9D Specialty Items - Children Playgrounds 11-9E Specialty Items - Roof Top Gardens 11-9F Specialty Items - Wood Decks and Trellises 11-9G Specialty Items- Retaining Walls

11-9H Specialty Items- Streets and Parking

12. Specification Checklists

12-1 Specifications Checklist

13. Cost Estimation Checklists

13-1 Cost Estimate Checklist

14. Bidding / Tender Checklists

14-1 Bidding / Tender Checklist

15. Site Observation Checklists

15-1 Site Observation Checklist 15-2 Maintenance Checklist

16. Project Close Out Checklists

16-1 Project Close Out 16-2 Client Evaluation Form 16-3 Project Evaluation Checklist Bibliography


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