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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD MI Semester 1


Academic year: 2017

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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD MI Semester 1 1. Aisyah : Hi, Siti. This is Zahra.

She is a new student in our class

Siti : Hi, Zahra. My … is Siti Zubaedah. a. nick name

b. full name c. call me d. friend

2. Syifa : Hi, Feeza. Let me introduce my friend, Annisa Feeza : Hi, Annisa. It’s nice to meet you.

Annisa : Hi, Feeza. It’s nice to meet you …. a. thanks

b. do c. too d. see

3. Harun : Where do you live, Rasyid? Rasyid : I … in Ahmad Yani Street 23. a. live

b. grade c. from d. nice

4. Hi, my name is Wahyu Subuh. Please … me Wahyu. a. name

b. call c. spell d. say

5. Harun : How are you today? Rasyid : I am ….

a. your welcome b. never mind c. thank you d. very well

6. Teacher : Ok class, we are going to have an exam now. Don’t … a noise, please! Student : All right, sir.

a. have b. make c. like d. need

7. Let’s make a paper boat ! First, fold the … into two, follow me. a. classroom

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8. I have one sister and one brother. They are so different. My sister is diligent but my brother is ….

a. clever b. lazy c. short d. ugly

9. My ruler is long but Shinta’s ruler is …. a. thin

b. short c. low d. dull

10. Syifa : I feel hungry Feeza. … go to the canteen. Feeza : OK. Let’s go now.

a. let’s b. it’s c. let d. may

11. We are studying in the …. a. yard

b. library c. classroom d. office

12. Teacher : Study hard, please! student : … , mom.

a. sorry b. no, I wont c. all right d. sorry, I can’t

13. The right instruction is …. a. Please, the yard sweep ! b. The yard, sweep please ! c. Sweep the yard, please ! d. Sweep please, the yard !

14. Hamid : May I borrow your ruler? Farid : …. Here it is.

a. Of course

b. Sorry, I still using it c. No you may not d. Sorry


b. open c. brush d. close

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct words ! 1. I’d like to … my self to you. My name is Salma. 2. Read the … page 21 !

3. I am in… five of an Islamic Elementary School Cilacap. 4. Hi, Salwa. It is … to meet you.

5. My father is fat but my mother is …. 6. We are … English in the classroom

7. I want to borrow a story book. Let’s go to the …. 8. I want to have dhuhur prayer. Let’s go to the …. 9. We are playing ….

10. Let’s wash our hand in the …. III. Answer these question below !

11. Answer these question based on the text ! a. His name is ….

b. He is … years old

12. Read the text then answer the question ! a. Is Aisyah a new student ?

___________________________________________________________________ b. Where is Aisyah from ?

___________________________________________________________________ 13. Arrange the words into good sentences !

a. blackboard – clean – please – the – !

____________________________________________________________________ b. classroom – let’s – to – the – go !

____________________________________________________________________ 14. Translate into Indonesian !

a. My name is Hamid.

____________________________________________________________________ b. I come from Yogyakarta.

____________________________________________________________________ 15. Translate into English !


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