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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5


Academic year: 2017

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Hari/Tgl : Jum’at, 14 Juni 2013 Nama : ... Waktu : 09.30 – 11.00 WIB NIS : ...

I. Answer these questions by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1. A: What is this? B: This is a ….

A. wall C. staircase

B. gate D. window

2. Farah’s house has a …, doesn’t it?

A. fence C. roof

B. gate D. curtain

3. Fanti: “The floor is clean, ….?” Sita : “Yes it is”

A. isn’t it C. doesn’t it

B. is it D. does it

4. Kunti : “My house has …, doesn’t it?” Fani : “Yes, it is.”

A. plafond C. pillar

B. chimney D. fence

5. Budi : “ You are a student, aren’t you?” Faqih : “… .”

A. Yes, you are C. No, I am not

B. No, you are not D. Yes, I am

6. Mother is cooking in the … .

A. chicken C. bedroom

B. kitchen D. bathroom

7. A : “ I am not a teacher, …?” B : “ No, you are not.”

A. am I C. aren’t I

B. am not I D. aren’t you

Text for question number 8 – 10


8. A : “Are Santi and Sinta sibling ?” B : “….”

A. Yes, they are c. No, they are not

B. Yes, she is d. No, she is not

9. Who does always wake up late?

A. Santi C. sibling

B. school D. Sinta

10. What is the opposite of “never”?

A. ever C. sometimes

B. often D. always

11. Zainal recites Al quran … sunset prayer.

A. never C. on time

B. after D. often

12. Nina has … at 7.00 o’clock in the evening.

A. breakfast C. dinner

B. fasting D. lunch

13. After school, I usually ….

A. take a bath B. take a nap C. wake up D. study

14. I perform … at 05.00 in the morning. A. dawn prayer B. noon prayer C. afternoon prayer D. sunset prayer

15. Dika :” look at the cat!”

Kamil : “ The cat looks sad too.” Dika : “no, the cat looks angry.” Kamil : “really?”

Dika : “yes, the cat is angry to the dog.” Kamil : “You are right.”

How does the cat look? The cat looks … .

A. sad C. shy

B. angry D. happy

16. A : “How … I look?” B : “You look pretty.”

A. is C. does

B. are D. do

17. Zainal gets 5,0 in science, he looks … .

A. fun C. sad

B. strong D. happy

18. Imam : “ How does the clown look?” Afif : “The clown looks … .”

A. happy C. funny


19. How does he looks? He looks ….

A. shy B. strong C. angry D. sick

20. Tina : “Alhamdulillah, I become the champion in painting competition.” Rani : “Congratulation, Tina.”

Tina : “ ….”

a. Thank you C. Don’t be sad

b. I’m so sorry D. Oh no

21. Sandi : “Why do you look sad Ahmad?” Ahmad: “I lost my money.”

Sandi: “….”

A. I’m sorry to hear that C. Thank you B. Don’t mention it D. Congratulation

Text for question number 22- 25

Today, Laila is going to have a … (22) party. She is going to invite her friends. In the party, we are going to … (23) “happy birthday” for her. We are also going to give her a present. She is going to … (24) the candle. We are going to eat the birthday cake and get ice cream. Everybody is going to be … (25).

22. A. eating C. singing

B. birthday D. cake

23. A. blow C. invite

B. gives D. sing

24. A. eat C. drink

B. blow D. make

25. A. angry C. sleepy

B. sad D. happy

26. Lutfi needs some … to invite his friends to come to his birthday party A. invitation cards C. letters

B. member cards D. cake

27. I am going to … (puasa) in my birthday.

A. candle C. fast

B. invitation cards D. party 28. Haikal … be 11 years old.

A. am going to C. is going to

B. are going to D. is go to

29. Alfi rarely does anything himself, she is … .

A. spoiled C. independent

B. stingy D. diligent

30. Alif likes to help others, he is … .

A. independent C. friendly


31. Lexa always shares anything with her friends Sifa rarely shares anything with her friends Sifa is … than Lexa

A. more stingy C. generous

B. stingier D. more generous

32. Nina is a … girl, she always makes her bed after waking up

A. lazy C. helpful

B. spoiled D. diligent

33. Sani and Sintia always greet everyone they meet, they …

A. are clever C. are friendly

B. are generous D. are helpful

34. Sahlan rarely late comes to school Ahwan often late comes to school Ahwan is … than Sahlan

A. lazier C. diligent

B. more lazy D. more diligent

35. Ali often in a bad mood, he is … .

A. stingy C. moody

B. friendly D. spoiled

II. Fill in the banks correctly!

36. A : “I am clever, ….?” B : “Yes, you are.”

37. Ulin receives his guest in the ….

38. Alfan always … in the morning and in the evening.

39. A : “Does Kamil always play football every afternoon?” B : “No, …. ”

40. How do they look? They look ….

41. Rika : “Alhamdulilah, I become the champion in this competition.” Fika : “ … Rika.”

Rika : “ Thank you.”


43. Filma is going to give charity to orphan in …. (panti asuhan) 44. Rahma often shares her snack to others, she is … .

45. Andi is … than budi Andi rarely ask for help from other people Budi rarely does anything himself

III. Answer these questions!

46. Mention 5 rooms in your house!

Answer : ___________________________________

47. Mention 5 prayer times for Muslims!

Answer : ___________________________________

48. Arrange these words into good sentences! a. very – looks – She – pretty

Answer : ___________________________________

b. pity – a –What – you – are

Answer : ___________________________________

49. Fahmi is going to have a birthday party He is going to invite his friends to his house Jln. Syeh jangkung no, 10 Winong

It is on 9th june 2013

He is going to invite Kamil

The party is going to start at 03.00 in the afternoon Some friends are going to come

They are going to eat ice creams, cakes, and snacks It is going to be fun

Everyone is going to be happy Fill this invitation card

A Birthday Party

On : ………

At : ………..

……… Time : ……… From : ………

To : ………

Please come …

50. Change the sentences into correct degree of comparison forms! a. Safa (friendly) Marwa

Answer : ___________________________________

b. Kiki (easy going) Farel


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