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Hello guys, my name is Doni. I am a student in one of the best elementary school in Yogyakarta. I will telling you about my hobby. My hobby are playing basketball and studying. I do playing basketball three times a week. I usually playing basketball in the school. And the evening I am studying and do my homeworks. I like all of the lessons from my school, but the most lesson that I really like is English.

1. Who is Doni? a. He is a child

b. He is a student in the elementary school c. He is a student in the junior high school d. He is a student in the senior high school 2. What are Doni’s hobby?

a. His hobby are playing football and reading b. His hobby are playing football and studying c. His hobby are playing basketball and studying d. His hobby are playing basketball and reading 3. How many times Doni playing basketball?

a. Three times in a week b. Two times in a week c. Once in a week d. Four times in a week

4. What is Doni’s favorite’s subject at his school? a. Math

b. Science c. English d. Social

5. Girls are usually the party. a. Shoes

b. Socks c. Dress d. Hat

6. everyone step the street. a. Hat

b. T – shirt c. Shoes d. Uniform

7. We wear.... in the school. a. Uniform

b. T – shirt c. Shirt d. Tie

8. The girls their head. a. Shoes

b. Socks c. Veil d. T- shirt


9. Mother : “Turn on the television, please!” Lia : “Sure Mom.”

What is the statement above?

a. Mom is order Lia to turn on the television b. Mom is order Lia to turn of the television c. Mom is request Lia to turn on the television d. Mom is request Lia to turn of the television 10. Reza :” would you mind helping me, please?”

Indah : “Sure.”

What is the statement above? a. Ordering for help

b. Requesting for help c. Offering for help d. Listening for help

11. Would you lend....your money, please? a. Her

b. She c. He d. I

12. The coffee is too bitter....some sugar, please! a. Add

b. Can c. Would d. Will

13. We have to go home now...the door please! a. Closed

b. Enter c. Take d. Open

14. It is a... a. Stetoscope b. Ambulance c. Syringe d. Wheelchair

15. It is transportating the patients to the hospital. It is a... a. Truck

b. Ambulance c. Bicycle d. Car

16. Andi feels very cold. He has a... a. Fever

b. Headache c. Measles d. Tired

The text is for number 17, 18 and 19.


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Indonesia consists of several provinces. A province is led by a governor. A province is devided into regencies. A regency is led by a regent. A regency consists of some subdistrict. A subdistrict head and leads a subdistrict. A subdistrict is devided into some villages. A village chief is the head of a village.

17. What is jakarta is the capital city of? a. Australia

b. Japan c. England d. Indonesia

18. Who leads a province? a. A president

b. A governor c. A regent d. A subdistrict

19. Does a subdistrict consists of some village? a. Yes, it does

b. No, it does not c. Yes, it does not d. No, it does

20. the weather today is... a. Sunny

b. Snowy c. Windy d. Cloudy

21. The weather today is...

a. Sunny b. Snowy c. Windy d. Cloudy

22. We wearing shall, jacket, hat and gloves in the... a. Summer

b. Winter c. Autumn d. Spring

23. The flowers are bloom in the... a. Summer

b. Winter c. Autumn d. Spring

24. Indonesia has....seasons. they are dry and rainy season. a. One


d. Four

The dialogue is for number 25, 26 and 27. Rangga : “Hello Roni, where are you going? Roni : “I will going to the market.”

Rangga : “What will you buy?”

Roni : “I will buy a killos of sugar, three spinaches, eight apples, and a ketchup.” Rangga : “How much money do you have?”

Roni : “Rp 150.000,00”

Rangga : “Okay, be careful on the way Roni.” Roni : “Yeah, thanks Rangga.”

Rangga : “You are welcome.” 25. Where does Roni go?

a. He goes to school b. He goes to hospital c. He goes to market d. He goes to house 26. What will Roni’s buy?

a. A bottle sugar b. Two spinaches c. Nine ketchup d. A ketchup

27. “Rp 150.000,00” it can says...

a. One hundred and fifty five thousand rupiahs b. One hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs c. One hundred and fifteen thousand rupiahs d. One hundred rupiahs

28. Tio : “How much is this?”

Cassier : “This is forty thousand rupiahs.” “Forty thousand rupiahs” can says...

a. Rp 14.000,00 b. Rp 15.000,00 c. Rp 40.000,00 d. Rp 50.000,00

29. The sign is... a. Turn left

b. Turn right c. No turn d. Turn

30. What does the notice mean... a. Don’t enter the room


Bank School Mosque

Restaurant Mall Curch

Baker y 31.X “X” in that compas is show...

a. North West b. North East c. South west d. South East

Look at that map for number 32 - 35

32. Where is the restaurant...

a. The restaurant is in front of the mall b. The restaurant is in front of the school c. The restaurant is accross from the bank d. The restaurant is beside the bank

33. Where is the school...

a. The school is between the bank and the mosque b. The school is in the corner of the street

c. The school is beside the mall

d. The school is between the restaurant and the curch 34. Where is the mosque...

a. The mosque is behind the school b. The mosque is in front of the mall c. The mosque is accross from the curch d. The mosque is beside the restaurant 35. Where is the bakery...

a. The bakery is near with the restaurant b. The bakery is behind the school

c. The bakery is in the corner of the street d. The bakery is accross from the street The text is for number 36 – 40


Once, a fisherman named Batara guru Sahala lived in Batakland. One day he caught a fish. He was surprised to find that the fish could talk. It begged Sahala to set it free. He did accordingly.

As soon as the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She was so beautiful that Sahala fell in love with her at once. He asked her to marry him. The woman agreed to marry Sahala. However, she told him that he must never let out the secret that she was once a fish. Sahala promised her that he would not tell anyone about it.


he got very angry. He shouted at them saying, “You behaved exactly like the daughters of a fish”.

The girls did not know what their father meant. They went home and asked their mother about it. Their mother was very annoyed. Although Sahala apologized to her later, she would not forgive him for breaking his promise.

Then the earth began to shake, and volcanoes started to erupt. The earth cracked and formed a big hole. People said that the hole become Lake Toba.

36. What is the title of the text above... a. The legend of Sahala

b. The legend of Lake Toba c. The legend of Sangkuriang d. The legend of fish

37. Who is Sahala... a. He is a fisherman b. He is a fish c. He is a batakland d. He is a daughter

38. Did he marry with the fish... a. Yes, he did

b. No, he did not c. Yes, he did not d. No, he did

39. Why did Sahala become angry? a. Because he caught the fish

b. Because his daughter was ate his meals c. Because his daughter came in

d. Because he brokes his promised

40. What happened after Sahala broke his promise... a. The earth became a fish

b. The earthquake

c. The earth became beach d. The earth became a toba lake

The text is for number 41 – 45

The Earth

We live in the planet. It is the earth. There are five continents in our earth. They are Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Australia. The surface of the earth is not flat. There are mounths, mountain, ranges, plateaus, deserts, valley, and so on. There are also three oceans. They are the pacipict, the atlantic and the Indian ocean. Two third of the surface of the earth is water.

41. What is the name of the planet based on the text... a. Saturn

b. Uranus c. Earth d. Mars

42. How many continents are there on the earth ... a. Four

b. Five c. Six d. Seven


a. America, Australia, Europe b. Asia, Africa, America c. Pacipict and atlantic

d. Pacipict, atlantic and indian

44. The first planet of the solar system is... a. Mercury

b. Mars c. Earth d. Saturn

45. The planet which is has a ring is... a. Mercury

b. Marsh c. Earth d. Saturn

46. The folklore of Roro Jonggrang is come from? a. West java

b. Central java c. East java d. South java

47. The origin a legend from North Sumatra. a. Malin kundang

b. Lake toba

c. Tangkuban perahu d. Batu raden

The text is for number 48 – 50


Myth is the people believe on something. The consider something is holy and powerful that bring the happiness as well as sadness into their life. Different from a myth, religion only belief on God. Thus, myth and religion are not the same. There are several myths in java. People in Central Java belief in the existence of Nyi Roro Kidul the goddess of the southern sea. They also belief on Empu Romo and Nyi Gading Melati on Merapi Mountain. That is why, usually a ceremony be present to please the goddess and spirit of Merapi mountain. That is why, usually a ceremony be present to please the goddess abdi dalem of Kasultanan Jogja name Mbah Marijan. The sultan’s old clothes are placed and sent to the sea from Parangtritis bach, his hair and nails clippings are presented to the mountain slope for the spirit of the mountain.

48. What is myth...

a. People believe on something b. People religion

c. People powerful d. People happiness 49. What is religion...

a. People believe on something b. People believe on God c. People believe on Folklore d. People believe on myth 50. Nyi roro kidul is the goddess of...