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January 11, 2018


US Jobs

US Job openings fell to a six month low November

coming in at 5,879k. The prior month was revised higher to 5,996.

Even with the decline in November, the number of openings

remains elevated, showing a high level of untapped demand for

labor, as employers struggle to find skilled and experienced

workers. There were a record 6.18 million openings in

Septe er. Last eek’

s December jobs report pointed to an

economy at full employment, with the jobless rate holding at the

lowest level since 2000.

Euro-zone Economy

Unemployment in the Eurozone was at

8.7%, Eurostat said. This was inline with expectations and marked

the lowest level since January 2009. In Germany industrial output

far outstripped forecasts with growth of 3.4% in November,

suggesti g Europe’s largest e o o y ay ha e perfor ed etter

than anticipated in 2017.



PT Wijaya Karya expects USD 700 million loan from China

Development Bank to be disbursed this month at the latest. In

additio , WIKA’s su sidiary, PT Wijaya Karya

Realty targets IDR

1.5 trillion

IDR 2 trillion proceed from IPO.


PT Acset Indonusa targets new contract of IDR 10 trillion

(19% yoy growth) in 2018.


PT E ergi Mega Persada o tai ed shareholders’ appro al

for the conversion of debt to share through private placement

mechanism. The company will issue 4.2 billion new shares with

exercise price of IDR 104/share


PT Nusantara Infrastructure plans to conduct right issue

by issuing 5 billion new shares.


PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi

o tai ed shareholders’

approval to conduct private placement of 564 million shares.

EMTK targets IDR 4.8 trillion proceed from the placement.

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