Painful the heart can is lost if you know the way

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Painful the heart can is lost if you know the way Word Count:

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Painful the heart can is lost if you know the way. Summary 4 Ways cure the heart

1.Eat Vegetables 2.Know to Lelax 3.Love be Calm

4.exercise regularly


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Painful the heart can is lost if you know the way. 1. Eat Vegetables

The choose have a meal to affect the heart disease by;

1.1 choose have a meal have fat is a little more 25% of meal.

1.2 consume the vegetables mostly and the fat is a few ,the fresh vegetables and green vegetables have a substance resist the oxidation to help decrease fat rate covers the skin in the blood vessel , then decrease be constricted of the blood vessel. 2. Know to Lelax

- Some time the permanent work make to stress then must seek the way change a new environment and relax the stress intermittently because the stress might make high pressure to the blood vessel is shrink. - The relaxation from work make to muscle relaxation too.

- Hobby causes the amusement is one way relaxes the stress. 3. Love be Calm

Best of effective relaxation must understand to arrive at the mind then has will to seek the way makes the mind is calm. By all process shall be near ourselves and can regularly which there is many the way to try and choose at good with the self when already body has rested must train the way has rested the mind with the gain that very much extremely. 4. exercise regularly

The exercise regularly is necessary the body and the heart should choose the exercise appropriately too. In a correct and regularly way for myself by consult doctor ,who have the heart disease will should must have to take care closely in the exercise something because if exercise too much might can be harmful.

Summary 4 Ways cure the heart Eat Vegetables

Know to Lelax Love be Calm

exercise regularly

Finally we want you have good health. Author by: pburin22

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