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NO NAMA Jurusan Volume Nama Jurnal JUDUL

1 Doddi Yudianto Teknik Sipil Vol. 83, No. 11 (2011) Water Environment Research The Numerical Modeling and Practical experience of Xuxi Rivers Natural Restoration using biological treatment.

2 A. Caroline Sutandi Teknik Sipil Vol. 9 (2011) Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

The Impact of New Toll Road Operation to the Number of Intercity Train Passenger ( Case Study in Jakarta-Cirebon Toll Road and Jakarta-Jakarta-Cirebon Intercity Train Route, Indonesia)

3 Fransiskus Borgias Filsafat Vol. 1, No.1 (2011) En Arche Identity : the Art of living in the palace of nowhere.

4 Veronica Sri M. Teknologi Informasi Vol. 3 No. 2 (2011) International Journal of Computer science and Information Technology (IJCSIT)

The development of electronic payment system for Universities in Indonesia : On Resolving key success Factors.

5 Arenst Andreas Arie Teknik Kimia Vol 20, No. 3 (2011) Diamond and Related Materials Electrochemical characteristics of Lithium Metal Anodes with Diamond Like Carbon Film Coating layer

6 Elisabeth S. Dewi, Ph.D. Hubungan Internasional Vol, 2, Number 2 (2012) Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involment

Changing Perceptions of "Good" Mothering & Family Roles among Indonesia Female Domestic Worteps

7 Dedy Suryadi, MS Teknik Industri Vol 7, No.1 (2011) International Journal of Information Systems for Logistics and Management (IJISLM)

Viral Systems for Quadratic Assignment Problem




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