Waste management training technique 20Oct13

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Participatory training techniques

Waste management

Preparation before the training:

Decide on the classification of the waste and their color coding. The recommended classification and color coding are the following.

 Green  Organic waste  Blue  Plastics

 Red Glass and metal

Depending on the location, the following two categories may also need to be added.

 Black Batteries

 Yellow Biomedical waste

Decide on the type of waste bins (e.g. metal drum, empty fertilizer bags, etc). Based on the color coding you have decided, prepare colored-coded waste bins.

Prior to the training, gather all types of wastes and have them mixed into a pile.

Training technique:

Color-coded waste bins made of metal drums

Color-coded waste bins made of empty fertilizer bags

Step 1:

Show the color-coded waste bins, and explain to them what type of waste should go into each bin.

Step 2:

Pour a pile of mixed waste in front of the participants. Ask the participants to come to the pile one by one. Each person who comes to the pile needs to pick up one piece of waste, and needs to put it into a correct bin. (Note: If broken glass pieces are mixed in the pile, you need to provide participants with a glove to conduct this exercise.)

Step 4:

Continue the exercise with as many participants as possible, until all the wastes are put into the bins. Step 3: