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Soal Bahasa inggris kelas VI


Academic year: 2018

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I. Choose the correct answers of the questions below!

1. Mother buys fruit in ...

a. Butcher c. Market

b. Museum d. Toy shop

2. The price of the cupboard is Rp. 700. 000 a. Seven hundred thousand rupiahs b. Seventy thousand rupiahs c. Seventeen thousand rupiahs d. Seven thirty thousand rupiahs

3. Rp. 150.000 How does the stove cost? a. Fifteen thousand rupiahs b. Thirty thousand rupiahs c. One thousand rupiahs

d. One hundred fifty thousand rupiahs

4. Rp. 850.000 How does the bicycle cost?

a. Eight fifteen thousand rupiahs b. Six hundred thousand rupiahs c. Fourty thousand rupiahs

d. Eight hundred fifty thousand rupiahs

5. Rp 150.000 What is the pice of the eraser? a. One hundred rupiahs

b. Fifty thousand rupiahs

c. One hundred fifty thousand rupiahs d. Thirty hundred thousand rupiahs


a. One thousand rupiahs b. Two thousand rupiahs

c. Two hundred thousand rupiahs d. Three thousand rupiahs

7. Rp. 83. 000 How much does it cost? a. Eighteen thousand rupiahs b. Eighty three thousand rupiahs c. Three hundred thousand rupiahs d. Four thousand rupiahs

8. Mother usually buys vegetables in ...

a. Mall

b. Greengrocer c. Butcher d. Museum

9. Rp. 100.000 How much does it cost?

a. One thousand hundred rupiahs b. Two thirty thousand rupiahs c. Fourty thousand rupiahs d. One hundred thousand rupiahs

10. Where do we pay the things we buy?

a. In the accountant b. In the bedroom c. In the cashier

d. In the manager office

II. Write into English!


---12. Harga celana ini Rp. 200.000. ---13. Harga kaos kaki ini Rp 35.000. ---14. Gelang ini berharga Rp 20.000. ---15. Sabuk Ayah berharga Rp. 65.000.

---III. Arrange these jumbled sentences into good sentences! 16. The-is-of-Rp. 300.000-price-this trousers

---17. This-costs-Rp 85.000-scarf

---18. Skirt-that-costs-Rp 135.000

---19. What-the price-the shirt-of-is-?

---20. The fare-is-of the taxi-Rp. 50.000


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