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Soal latihan bahasa inggris kelas 6 semester 2


Academic year: 2017

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My School

This is my school. The headmaster is in the office. There is a library near a classroom; my school has a schoolyard and a toilet. In the yard there is a flag. There is a teacher in front of the classroom and there are students in the garden.

1. Where is the headmaster? He is in…….. a. the classroom c. library b. the office d. toilet

2. There is a … near a classroom. a. Classroom c. library b. Office d. toilet

3. My school has……..

a. a schoolyard and a toilet b. toilet and waiting room c. a classroom d. Toilet and bench.

4. Who is in front of classroom? He is…….. a. headmaster c. student b. a teacher d. school guard

5. Mr. Hasan is my aunt’s husband, he is my b. Students d.Visitors

7. Lala is a diligent girl.She usually ... her mother every day.

8. The situation in the market is very …….. a. silenty c. happily

b. noisy d. crowded

9. Ade : Where are you sleeping? Andri : I sleep in the ……..

a. Living room c. Bedroom b. Bathroom d. Kitchen

10. I want to take a bath, I need a …….. to wash my body.

a. Soap c. Detergent b. Toothpaste d. Shampoo

11. White sand is one of beautiful beaches in ...

a. East Java c. West Java b. Central Java d. North Sumatera

12. A person who usually guides some tourists is called ...

a. Partner c. Teacher b. Traveller d. Tourist guide

13. Bachdim gets 95 on his Mathematics test. How does he feel?

a. Sad c. Bored

b. Happy d. Angry

14. Richard watches a horror filme. How does he feel?

a. Happy c. Sad

b. Tired d. Fear

15. Going to the mountain is very ..…….. . We can breath the fresh air there.

a. Boring c. Disappointing b. Interesting d. Embarrasing a. Disturbs c. Helps

b. Disturbed d.Helped




Alamat : Desa Karangmangu Kec. Sarang Kab. Rembang, Kode Pos 59274



Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Nama Siswa : ... Kelas : VI ( Enam ) No. Absen : ... Hari / Tanggal : Rabu, 5 Maret 2014 Waktu : Pukul 09.30 – 11.00 WIB


16. Don’t eat too much chili because your stomach will get…………

a. Six c. Full

b. Sick d. Empty

17. It is nine o’clock p.m. Rizky goes to bed because he feels ...

a. Afraid c. Bored

b. Sad d. Sleepy

18. The baby is crying because he hasn’t drunk milk for three hours. How does he feel?

a. Tired c. Strong

b. Bored d. Thirsty

19. Today is Dewi’s birthday. Bella doesn’t receive Dewi’s birthday invitation. How does Bella feel?

a. Disappointed c. Dizzy b. Crazy d. Thirsty

2. Many children like to see animals. Their parents usually take them to the ... 3. Some foreign tourists usually stay in the ………….. at night.

4. Ilham is a diligent boy. He always washes his clothes every morning.The antonym of the underlined word is ...

5. Erika’s father wins the international badminton tournament. She feels ... to her father. 6. Robby lost his new bag. So, he feels ………….

10. Jaipong, janger, pendet are kinds of…..



Last Sunday, mother and i went to market. Mother bought some vegetables and fruits. She bought one kilo of carrot, a kilo of cabbage, two kilo of apples and a kilo of oranges. Mother bought me stationeries. They are two pencils, five books, an eraser, and ruler.

1. How many cabbages did mother buy? Answer :

_____________________________________________________________________________ 2. How many books did mother buy to the writer?

Answer :

_____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Where were they?

Answer :

_____________________________________________________________________________ 4. [+] I have two red apples.

[-] Answer : ___________________________________________________________________ [?] Answer : ___________________________________________________________________ 5. Mention five things in your classroom!

Answer :


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