Contoh surat resmi dalam bahasa inggris

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contoh surat resmi dalam bahasa inggris

Formal Letter Example

No name here! --Wiesenacker 25A D-99533 Weitewelt Health Action Charity

Ms Janet Wallace Baker Street 8 NW 1 9 SJ London United Kindom

October 7 2001 Job Application: Organiser

Dear Ms Janet Wallace,

I am very interested in the job you have offered. But first some information about myself. I'm 33 years old and unmarried. I trained as a secretary and I have a lot of job experience in

organisation. Also I worked as an assistant to high level manages for two years. My mother tongue is German and I speak English fluently, I also speak Spanish and Portuguese. For further information please find my enclosed C.V.

Could you give me some information about this job? How many hours per week and on which days in the week this job will be? Do I have to travel? If yes, how often, how long, where and when will it be? Which languages do I have to speak, and how much holiday am I entitled to? Finally the most important question: What is the salary?

I hope I can support Health Action Charity with my experience, qualities and enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Otto Raffzahn