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Teks penuh


Complete the sentences with the correct forms in the brackets.

Use either Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Conditional Sentence Type I or There is/There are.

 I (own,not) 1_______ un umbrella. I (wear) 2_______ a waterproof hat on rainy days.

 Barbara (tutor, often) 3_______ other students in her math class. This morning She (help) 4_______ Steve with His math assignment, because He (understand, not) 5_______ the material they (work) 6_______ on in their class this week

 Right now, I (look) 7_______ at Janet. She (look) 8_______angry. ) wonder what’s the matter. She (have) 9_______ frown on her face. She certainly (have, not) 10_______ any fun right now.

 I like fishing in this place, there (be) 11_______ some big fish in the river.

 The teacher (give, not) 12_______ Rita a low mark if she (forget, not) 13_______ her homework.

 If you (wear) 14_______ sandals in the mountain, you (slip) 15_______ on the rocks.

 You look so confused, (be) 16_______ there any problems?

 (lock, you, always) 17_______ the door to your apartment when you leave?

 A. Close your eyes. Now, listen carefully. What (hear, you)18_______. What (do, I)19_______?

B. I (believe) 20_______ you (rub) 21_______ the top of your desk with your hand A. Close, but not exactly

 After three days of rain, )’m glad that the sun shine 22_______ again today

 Don’t do anything in this room, there be 23_______ a police who is watching on you

 If you (wait) 24_______ a minute, I will ask my parents.

 Kathy (sit, usually, not) 25_______ in the front of row during class.

 ) can’t afford that ring. )t cost 26_______too much

 Look! It (begin) 27_______to rain. Unfortunately, I (have, not) 3_______an umbrella

 Dennis (fix) 28_______the roof of his house today

 There (not, be) 29_______any mail for you today

 (do) 30_______John’s uncle live in the London?

 A. Who is that woman who (stand) 31_______next to the window?

B. Which woman? You (talk) 32 _______about the woman who (wear) 33_______the blue and gold dress?

A. No. I (talk, not) 34_______about her. I (mean) 35_______the woman who (wear) 36_______the blue suit.

 (be) 37_______there a fly in this room?

 There (be) 38_______a lot of problems in the world

 The workers (not) 39_______come here on time

 Mr. Brown (not) 40_______go to this office on Sunday

 If the sun (shine) 42_______, We (walk) 43_______to the town

 Anjar (see) 44_______the doctor if he (have) 45_______a temperature

 I (give) 46_______him this dictionary if he (come)47_______


Write a memo based on the following illustrations with the correct form!

A. Mrs. Alvia is a Director of Tiara Group Company. She has an important meeting to discuss an important project with Mr. Tanaka this morning. Unpredictable, Mrs. Alvian’s Son got an accident. So, she decides to write a memo to Mr. Jacky as the General Manager of Tiara Group Company to follow the meeting replacing Mrs.


B. Mr. Sajad is a general manager in Tourism Company. He wants to make a vocation for his family weekend. So he writes a memo to his secretary to make

a reservation for the hotel and the flight for his family. They are going to picnic

on Friday, September 27th 2013.

Supply the Conditional Sentence Type 1 as required by the meaning of the sentence. Do it your self

1. If we (go) to London, we (visit) the Tower. 2. If the shop (be) open, I (buy) a souvenir.

3. If she (miss) the bus, she (get, not) here on time. 4. He (help) me if he (know) the answer.

5. Jane (let) you in if I (not) here.

6. If you (eat) an ice-cream, I (have) a hot chocolate.

7. If she (need) a computer, her brother (give) her his computer. 8. If we (have, not) time this afternoon, we (meet) tomorrow. 9. He (talk) to her if you (not) want to do it.

10.You will (win, not) the game if you (not, know) the rules.

11.If Caroline and Sue (prepare) the salad, Phil (decorate) the house. 12. If Sue (cut) the onions for the salad, Caroline (peel) the mushrooms. 13. Jane (have) the sitting room if Aaron and Tim (move) the furniture. 14.If Bob (tidy) up the kitchen, Anita (clean) the toilet.

15. Elaine (buy) the drinks if somebody (help) her carry the bottles.

16. If Alan and Rebecca (organize) the food, Mary and Conor (make) the sandwiches. 17.If Bob (look) after the barbecue, Sue (let) the guests in.

18.Frank (play) the DJ if the others (bring) along their CDs.