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Seoul is the world’s 10th largest city and is also the center of all political, economic and cultural activities in Korea. Korea’s past and present coexists harmoniously-with a heritage that spans across centuries and a future that lies with the cutting-edge technology of its IT industry. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is built around the banks of the Han River with the nearest seaside located only an hour away from Seoul.


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Cau International Program

Katarzyna Zelek

University of Leicester, UK

I have to say that the 4 weeks spent in Korea have been and will remain unforgettable. I did not

expect to see and experience as much as I did and for that I will be forever grateful. I absolutely loved

the trip to Gangwon-do, it was the perfect amount of activities and also a great way to get to know

everyone in the program. I am so grateful for all the temple visits, tour guides, food provided and the

accommodation. One thing I just have to mention is how surprised I was over the generosity and the

fantastic way that we have been look after by every staff member. Overall I am very pleased and very thankful for everything that I had

the chance to experience thanks to the wonderful people from Chung-Ang University as well as the Korean students who were extremely

helpful and kind guiding us and helping us 24/7. This program has been one of the best and biggest adventures of my life and I loved every

second of it.

Niclas Elshoff

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany

In my opinion , participating at the International Program in 2013 was one of the best decisions of my whole life. Due to this fact I got to know many new international friends and I also had the possibility to get to know Korean people and their culture. One of my highlights of the program was the visit to a Buddhist Temple. I learned a lot of things about Buddh ism, including Meditation and the daily life of the monks. On top of that I could experience a new passion for pottery. In addition I learned the Korean alphabet ‘Han-gul’ at school , so I am able to say 안녕하세요 and 감사합니다. When I go back home, I will join a Korean lecture at my university to improve my Korean language. I am definitely satisfied with the whole program and I am planning to come to Korea again . I can strongly recommend participating at this program to enjoy Korea and its interesting culture.

Maja Jurse

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

For me personally the whole exchange program was a great experience. It pretty much included all I wanted to see and experience. What I really liked about it was the fact that there were Korean students also attending the program. It made it a lot easier on us because of their help and knowledge of the Korean culture, and in the same time we had a chance to make Korean friends. If it was not for them, we would have a lot harder time, trying to make friends with locals or other students at the university because the schedules were full and getting a chance to do that are not that often. I also really liked that the university offered optional field trips. It gave us option to choose and they help with the organization, which again is not that easy. All in all, it was great and I would definitely recommend this program to others as I am sure the program will evolve and become even better in the future.

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CAU International Winter Program


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Established in 1918, Chung-Ang University has been a leader in globalization, a pioneer of education, and has been called the "Cradle of Education" in Korea. Initially established as the Chung-Ang Kindergarten at the Chung-Ang Methodist Church in 1918, it has now become a leading private university in Korea. The Overall reputation of the university's education programs is very high. In 2013, CAU was ranked 4th for outgoing exchange student rate, 8th for incoming exchange student rate, and 8th in Overall University Qualification. CAU has more than 370 partner universities or institutions for international academic cooperation with university level agreements alone.

• Korean conglomerate Doosan incorporated CAU in 2008

• Campuses: Seoul and Anseong

• 12 Colleges and 17 Graduates

• 28,259 Students, 1,396 Professors 356 Administrators

Innovative Hybrid Program

CAU International Winter Program (IWP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea where courses are coupled with cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s Culture and Society. Students can earn 4 units of university credits through this program.

Unique Cultural Experience

CAU is the best university of Korean Culture and Arts. CAU IWP will offer unique opportunities to learn and experience of Korean Culture and society, history, religion, arts, political issues - almost everything about Korea today through variety cultural activities and excursions.

Korean Language and Studies in English

All courses and activities will be offered in English so that you can enjoy our program without a Language Barrier. Korean languge courses are also offered to better immerse students in Korea.

Enjoy your winter at CAU

With classes such as Korean Pop Culture and many cultural activities including a ski trip, you will not only learn, but be a part of the Korean culture! So Join us with students from around the world, along with friends from Korea; together let's enjoy what Korea has to offer~!

Korean Language

Basic Korean

Intermediate Korean Language

Korean Culture and Society

Korean Culture and Society Korean Folklore Culture Korean Pop Culture Arts of Korea Korean Music

Academic Schedule

Application Period 2014 December 22nd ~ 2015 January 9th

Payment Deadline 2015 January 16th

Dormitory Check-in 2015 January 26th

Opening Ceremony/ Orientation 2015 January 27th

Class Begins 2015 January 27th

Dormitory Check-out 2015 February 12th

Korean Won US Dollars

Mandatory Fee

Application Fee ₩50,000 $45

Tuition ₩1,600,000 $1,454

Total ₩1,650,000 $1,500

Optional Fee

Airport Pickup ₩50,000 $45

Dormitory Fee

₩234,000 $220

(Double Occupancy/18 days)

* the fees in USD are subject to change due to exchange currency rates.