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Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d!

(Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang (x) huruf a, b, c, atau d!

1. Rena : How are you today? Dina : ....

a. Good morning b. bye

c. See you

d. I'm fine thank you

2. Jack : Good bye, Reno. Reno : ....

a. See you tomorrow b. Good bye Jack c. Have a nice day d. Good afternoon

3. This is a ....

a. chair b. cupboard c. table d. doll

4. Is it a pencil?

a. Yes, it is b. Here it is c. No, it isn't d. I don't like

5. Rani : What are you doing? Adji : I am painting my ....

a. room b. fence c. door d. floor

6. Silahkan duduk!

a. Write this down! b. Sit down, please! c. Read this, please! d. Open the door, please!

7. Widia : ....

Angie : I live at Jl.Antasari number 21 a. Where do you live?

b. What is your name? c. How are you?

d. Where have you been?

8. This is a ....

a. pillow b. blanket c. bolster d. calendar

Text for number 9 to 11

(Teks untuk nomor 9 sampai 11)

Today is my mother's birthday

My father and I want to give a present for my mother.

My father want to give a gas stove.

I plan to give her a vase with rose flower on it. We hope my mother will like our surprises.

9. Who has a birthday? a. The writer

b. The writer's father c. The writer's uncle d. The writer's mother

10. What will they do for mother's birthday? a. To give present

b. To celebrate in restaurant c. To make a cake

d. To make a birthday party

11. Does her father want to give a new gas stove? a. No, they don't

(2) d. Yes, it is

12. If you meet you teacher in the afternoon, you can say ....

a. Good morning b. Good afternoon c. Good bye d. Good night

13. The carpenter makes ... from the wood.

a. a floor b. a cupboard c. a window d. a house

14. I meet my friend in the morning and I say .... a. Good bye

b. Good night c. Good morning d. Good evening

15. Hani : Thank you very much, Jhon. Jhon : ...

a. you're welcome b. yes, this is c. yes, that is d. no problem

Translate these sentences into Indonesian! (Terjemahkan kalimat-kalimat tersebut ke dalam bahasa Indonesia!)

16. I want to eat meatball. 17. I don't like orange juice. 18. I like to drink hot tea.

19. Good bye, see you tomorrow. 20. Good morning, how are you today?

Rearrange the jumbled words into good sentences!

(Susunlah kata-kata acak berikut menjadi kalimat yang benar!)

21. to - Nice - meet - you - too. 22. day - a - nice - Have. 23. don't - I - like - banana. 24. teacher - morning - Good 25. are - you - How?

Kunci Jawaban : 1. d 6. b 11. c 2. b 7. a 12. b 3. c 8. c 13. b 4. c 9. d 14. c 5. b 10.a 15. a

16. Saya ingin makan bakso. 17. Saya tidak suka jus jeruk. 18. Saya suka minum teh panas.

19. Selamat tinggal, sampai jumpa besok. 20. Selamat pagi, bagaimana kabarmu?




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