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TAHUN AJARAN 2011 – 2012

MATA PELAJARAN : Bahasa Inggris


NAMA : Nilai :

Read the text carefully!(Bacalah text berikut ini dengan seksama!)

Hello, my name is Donna. Today is a holiday. All of my family members are at home now. My aunt is in the front yard. She is growing some new plants. My brother is in the veranda. He is reading a book. My father and my uncle are talking in the living room. My grandfather and my grandmother are sitting on the sofa. They are watching television in the family room. My sister has a bad cold. She is sleeping in the bedroom. Where is my mother? She is in the kitchen. She is cooking some special food for our lunch.

I. Choose the correct answers based on the text above! (For no. 1-5)

(Pilihlah jawaban yang benar berdasarkan teks diatas! (untuk no. 1-5))

1. Where is Donna’s aunt? …

a. She is in the living room. c. She is in the bedroom. b. She is in the front yard. d. She is in the kitchen. 2. What is Donna’s brother doing? …

a. He is growing some new plants. c. He is watching television. b. He is sleeping. d. He is reading a book. 3. What are Donna’s grandparents doing in the family room? …

a. They are watching television. c. They are reading newspaper. b. They are cooking some food. d. They are sleeping.

4. Who has a bad cold? …

a. Donna’s sister c. Donna’s uncle b. Donna’s aunt d. Donna’s father 5. Who is cooking some special food in the kitchen?

A. Donna’s sister c. Donna’s grandmother B. Donna’s aunt d. Donna’s mother

II. Choose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d!

(Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan memberi tanda silang pada huruf a, b, c atau d!)

6. Zico : “…. I want to borrow some books.” Dio : “Ok. Let’s go now.”

a. Let’s go to the school canteen. C. Let’s go to the principal’s room. b. Let’s go to the teacher’s room. D. Let’s go to the library.

7. The computer room is … the laboratory. (di depan)


8. Can I have some …, please? Sure. Here you are.

10. Mr. John works in the post office and delivers many letters. What is Mr. John? …

13. What is the day after Saturday? …

A. Thursday B. Sunday C. Friday D. Monday

A. My favorite sport is baseball. C. My favorite sport is tennis. B. My favorite sport is basketball. D. My favorite sport is soccer.

18. How do you get to the market? I go to the market by ….

a. Ship c. Car

b. Pedicab d. Bus

19. What does the traffic sign mean? ….

A. Park here C. Stop here B. Turn right D. No parking

III. Fill in the blanks with the right answers!


(Isilah titik-titik berikut ini dengan jawaban yang benar!)

Can I borrow your ………? Sure.

20. Where is the bed? It is in the ………

21. ……….. is my favorite food.

22. What is your father do? He is a ………

23. It is ……… minutes past six.

24. The first month of a year is January.

What is the fifth month of a year? ………..

25. Tiara always ………. in the evening.

26. My hobby is ………..

27. Rifki brings shuttle cock and racket. He is going to play ………..

28. How do you go to Bali? I go there by ……….

IV. Answer these questions below! (Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan dibawah ini!)

29. Mention five things in the classroom!


30. Mention three kinds of drinks!


31. Mention months in a year!



32. Mention five kinds of sports you always play!


33. Mention three kinds of land transportation!





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