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Product of Students Outline


Academic year: 2018

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Appendix 7 Teacher role

Product of Students Outline

Students Topic Purpose Setting Teacher roles Group 1 Visiting five students. Each group has a topic to simulate the role that there in the topic.


Transkrip Spekaing kelas experiment

Group 1 “Visiting Someone in The Hospital” Members:

1. Asyiah Annabila 2. Anisa Latifa 3. Adilim 4. Arya Andara 5. Alwis J R 6. Almi Rizki

They retell the last experience. Last time they met one of their friend in class in a hospital, their friend typhus.

(they came together, there is a their friend sick, they want meet him in his house)

Asyiah : Nisa, I heard Arya take care of hospital, is it right?

Almi :yes, it is righ, I heard from Alwis, Arya was brought to go the hospital. Anisa : what is his sick?

Adilim : His mother said I sick, he sick typhus.

Alwis : When we we go to see Arya to the hospital ? When we go to see Arya to the hospital?

Anisa : How about we see him, now day at four o’clock afternoon. Alwis :Yes, up to you

Asyiah : we gather in my home at three o’clock

(they want hospital with climb motorcycle and arrive in hospital straight to meet arya)

All : hay Arya


Arya : I am I am almost fine tomorrow I can go home. Anisa : thanks God.

Asyiah : those are the contribution from us.

Arya : thank you thank you very much. I am happy. You are very care for me, you you spend, you are spend your time come here.

Adilim : Alhamdulillah, if to, we can back home.

Arya : yes but care careful. You mush be careful on the way. Asyiah : Asalamualaikum.


Group 2 “ Reading and Borrowing The Books in The Library” Members:

1. Dina Mardatilah 2. Dea Ananda 3. Elvi Sukaesih

4. Habil Ahmad Sabirin 5. Defril Putra Marta

Retell last experience about borrowing the books in the library

Dina : hey how are you? Dea :fine and you? Dina : fine too

Elvi : Assalamualaikum Dina and Dea : Waalaikumsalam.

Dina : please, register you take the attendeance list please, Elvi Elvi : yes miss Dina.

The visitors library came

Habil : Asalamualaikum... Dea : waalaikumsalam.

Dina : please, register here, please Habil, Def ! Habil and Def : yes, okay.

Elvi : can you help me miss? Dea : yes sure, I can.

Elvi : where the position of English book? Dina : this is English book.

Elvi : miss Dea I want borrow this book. Dea : okay,. please come here !.


Habil : yes and I want want return too the book that I borrowed last day. Defril : what was the book did you borrow ?

Habil : Mathematics, what about you, do you want borrow book? Defril : I don’t know, I ... only reading book and you ?

Habil : I want borrow this book too.

Habil : Miss, I want borrow this book. Dea : please come here, Habil! Habil : okay.

After the visitor go Dea and Dina as worker in library settle the library anymore.

Dina : Dea, please arranged this book.

Dea : yes.

Dina : Dea, why do you didn’t come yesterday ? Dea : I was stomachache,.


Group 3 “ Buying School Equipment”

They retell the last experience. Last time they bought the school supplies in the market.

Mutia : will you to see scholl equipment Idid for the school equipment? Ema : what did you buy there ?

Ema :I will buy book write preparation school and bag school. Mutia :how much in it?

Ema :I don’t know. Sister how much is it? Indah :wait, please wait a minute, I call her. Ema :okay you can choose it before. Novi : okay

Indah :wait, it is beautiful for sister,, because,, these is ,,strong material and endure long.

Novi : yes, sorry sisters, which one with you? It is good, the bag,,to school.


Novi : just eighty sister. It is god good sister which one with you? It is the ,,,beautiful color sister.

Ema : ok. Thank you

Iwan sold his marketable goods. Fadila, Ema and Mutia came him the next they

weaken his goods and buyed it.

Iwan : what did you want sis, what will you buy? Fadila : I want pulpen, How much is it?

Iwan :it’s just five thousand rupiah.

Fadila :okay, i choose it. How about this eraser. How much is it ? Iwa : that is just four thousand

Fadila : okay okay

Ema and Mutia: permis permis, permission sir. I want buy books. How much is it?

Iwan :just ten, ten thousand rupiah. Ema : thank you, “eh”, okay. Is it. Iwan :thank you


Group 4 “Shopping to The Traditiona Market” Members:

1. Wahyu Mustika Rani 2. Putri

3. Roza Linda 4. Sepdiman Alfi 5. Rahmawati 6. Randi Pratama

Last Thursday me and my friend (putri) went to the market to buy for some fruits , a pot of flower, book and onion.

Rani : putri what wil you buy?

Putri :I will buy onion first before other Rani : all right all right

First, They bought onion t Roza.

Putri : Miss , buy onion one ounce Roza : okay, okay, wait for I moment. Rani : entirely how many?

Roza : two thousand rupiah ( putri pay to roza)

Rani : thank you

Roza : you are welcome

And they they continue bought to book store, rani bought the dictionary. Rani : miss, I want buy a book.


Rani : is this Miss, the pink one.

Rahmawati : okay Miss. It is the beautiful color this book just nine thousand. Rani : Okay.

Rani : the dictionary Miss, I want this dictionary. Rahmawati : which one.

Rani : the dictionary

Rahmawwati : ninety thousand rupiah. Rani : okay. Thank you Miss. Putri wanted to buy flowers

Putri : sir, I buy chamber pot flower. Sep : wait for a moment,.

Putri : how many is this?

Sep : ten thousand rupiah it is ten thousand rupiah Putri : thank you.

Putri wanted to buy fruits

Rani : sir, I buy yellow fruit thousand rupiah. Putri : how many is this (fruit) ?

Randi : four thousand rupiah. Putri : “pay to randi” thank you Randi : yes. Thank you so much Miss. Putri : yes are welcome.


Transkrip Kelas Control 1. YENI

On Saturdays ago I went to see the foot ball competition between . . SMP 2 vs SMP 1, is very crowded and many of this supporters, but smp 2 we lost. But we remain proud despite defeat for friends already fighting for our smp.


Last moon, I follow matematics olympiad in the SMP Sintoga. There arrived, I feel nervous, evident, students very much that competition. Then, when started competition, obvious, questions very grief. Make dizzy head me. After field go out, obvious, I not win. But, never mind. Lose or win that well.


Last year new year, my ... my not went everywhere, my only in house merely, hour hour in house my did work my did work house like as, washed plate, washed shirt and sweep.that day thi to bore for me.


Last week I begone to the market with friend, we take soup with meatballs here with, in di manner of complite joke laughter.


On last week, I go see foot ball competition ...

SMPN 2 with SMP 1 Aur Malintang. Air made supporter very much.




Yesterday yesterday I holiday to house grandmother in the Pariaman. I went with mother and father. I go from house eproximally house 14.00 past pm in the Pariaman hour 15 aquarter 30 to in house grandmother because because, to in the house I rather disappoited because grandmother went to went to market. We walk, we must walk we must wwalk to one hour.


On last week, on last week SMPN 2 IV Koto Aur Malintang follow football competition. In the SMP 2, I join play competition ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I find back number nine the ,, ring went SMP 2 find score 0.0 ... and we lose.


One years past, on August mont, I’m join competition MTQ story distric, competition that in ... aquality region Balai Baik. Before competition I’m very afraid.as at moment name in to call. I’m straight in effection wraiter by my mother.

After I’m ready room play from, I’m straight to stall with putri my friend, time on the day almost afternoon and arrive moment who that to win, moment my name all, I possible champion two. I’m very afraid. I’m straight in emberance and in kiss buy my mother, day can in very glade quite.


On years past the past I’m to follow competition atlet, past I’m already join, I’m dekoated in Padang. I’m very dispointed time that because in dekoated.




Yesterday, yesterday ... moment moment new yeards I went to Maninjau. Will all friends in .... will all in friend my to friend I. I’m to friends come lamp witsol efets and we and tather di sopfoin ted.


Last year, I go to Padang. On padang on Padang I live in padang I live in house my brother. At there I see beautiful object a tour. Padang town that very interesting because many visitors this one come from foreign country. Very nice. I can hope holyday to there more.


Last year, my family and I am visited my grandparents. We traveled by car, new it was a long trip. Was stayed at my my grandparents house for four days. We did we did a long of thing together. We cooked and prepared our meals, after that a ... we ate them.

Oh no, it was it was time to go home. We hugged grandma and grandpa and kissed was goodbye.

I really enjoyed my holiday.


Yesterday moment new years my year I went to Bukit tinggi with all friends I when to love in Bukit tinggi I gor to say say in the house to borrow, Friday in disactid.




Last week ... I go to ... I school... I school I, fall down. Approach and an an home ovice ob obviouse go home.


At last .... week go to foot ball competition ... SMP 2 Aur Malintang .... Very bad competition, supporter very much.


Last Monday, my father GO TO Bandung, I very sad and I young sister crying I can say,

don’t crying go to my father to Bandung.


Less week, I ... I go ... I go home I go home to school. To After that, I see my friend fall down and I help and I go home an I care.


Last Saturday, I ... I go to house uncle, I ... name unle joko I go... to... friends ... and younger ..I arrive .. at ... oven there , I ... very great ... pleasure ... because can at, the brim and can all “o” after play .. that I with friend I.


On,, day,, thursday,,I’m ,, to go,,marker,, same friend,,, I’m And to or heat ,,, I’m to wish ,,,,,,, to buy.


Week, I and mother, go ,,,,,,,,,, house ,,,,,,, ante uci ,,,,, she,,,, is ,,,,, my ,,,,, mother sister,,,,




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