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k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m

Powerful Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks



Profile Page


Site for experts on jobs and network platforms Add your backlink in Company description using anchor text: <a> tag

GoodFirms Profile Page

Platform for software and IT firms

Join the platform, fill in your company details and add website URL

Self Growth Profile Page

Users can engage in self-improvement discussions and content

By registering in the site and filling out the profile details you can obtain a backlink

G2 Profile Page

Share your Tech stack & company info

Register, fill out your profile, and add your tech stack


k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m AllTop Content Listing


Get listed among the best publishers in your niche It collects and evaluates submitted sites

Sign up and provide your business details

Flip Board

Create boards and flip your articles

It allows you to link your content (blog posts) to their original link in your site


Get a quality backlink, submit writing covering important topics within your niche

Including anchor text ( <a>) is a good idea


Get a backlink from Refind by signing up and sharing your link

Make sure that the content with the link shared on the site is relevant to your webpage’s content

Index Profile Page

List your company on one of the biggest company directories

Sign up and submit your profile (including a link) to your site

It offers additional paid promotions to boost exposure

Content Listing Site

Content Listing Site

Content Listing



k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Pexels Image Gallery

If you sign up under a contributor profile, the platform will allow you to insert a link

You can upload images you do not use and offer them for download (you might not get attribution)


The user profile section allows you to add details, including a link to your site

Uploading branded images can help you to get additional exposure


You can also include a link to your portfolio or website

Uploaded images still belong to you, you’re not giving away copyright


Share some of your featured images, packaging design, infographics ,or other graphic files linking to your website


Distribute your press releases and get a backlink to your website form a high DR site

Create a company profile and submit your press release in order to claim your backlink

Content Listing Site

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Image Gallery


k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Startup


Create a profile on the site and include your unique backlink.


Europe club

Get a backlink from a site with Domain Rating of 64 Create a profile and include your website in the


Startup Buffer

Get a backlink by filling in all the company information

Don’t forget to add your URL


Submit your startup and get closer to investors Fill in your company details and include a link to your website

StartupBlink Startup Directories

Register your startup on a global site Add your profile and wait for approval

Startup Directories

Startup Directories

Startup Directories




k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Launched

Make sure your business is on the list and get

rewarded with a backlink

Create a profile and include your URL


Gust works to help startups scale

Create a profile and add your company URL (use anchor text)


Join the start up community with your startup Submit your company, fill in details, and add a link to your website

Snap Munk

This is a new startup directory site

You can submit your startup by filling out profile details and providing URL to your website


Join the world’s most successful startups

Claim backlink by registering your profile with company URL, description and social profiles

Startup Directories

Startup Directories

Startup Directories

Startup Directories




k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Clutch

List your project for review

Get positive feedback from your customers

IT Central Station

Share your reviews about products as well as receive them for your website

Your link must be included in a profile description as well as your site review

Crowd Reviews

Great alternative to sites like Captera and G2Crowd Software has to be submitted and listed for review


Sign up to one of the world’s biggest review platforms You not only earn backlinks, but also start to collect user reviews about your product

Product hunt

Not only a great place to get a backlink, but also a good opportunity to promote your business

Simply fill out profile details and include links to your site or products

Product Page

Review Site

Review Site

Review Site

Review Site


k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Yelp

List your business on Yelp to help people find your business locally

Capture a backlink and promote your physical business location

Map Quest

List your company's head office in Map quest, helping more users to discover your firm

Provide information related to your business including a link to your homepage


Great local listing site for any business to be on You can add your company's site, offer solutions, &

generate customers via this platform


Market Marketplace

Fill out profile details and add your website link Posting products for sale will increase your profile discovery and can provide extra revenue

Google My

Business Local Listing

Notify google about your business credibility and bring additional traffic from maps and searches related to local company listings

It will not give a direct backlink, but is still valuable

Local Listing

Local Listing

Local Listing


k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m

Coub Social Media


Entertainment platform that allows users to upload their own content

Sign up, fill in profile details along with your URL

Add a video or two to boost the credibility of your listing


It is an alternative to Facebook

It allows users to create and distribute content

Fill out your profile details and include links to your desired site


The site still exists, and anyone can register their profile and submit details about their site!


High domain rating site for lifestyle, construction or architecture industry

Create your profile and make your first board where you can link to your site!


Upload vector artwork and earn money from selling it Create a powerful backlink linking to your site

Great for companies that employ in house designers


Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Social Media



k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Reddit

Sign up, fill out your profile and actively engage in

community discussions in order to get your backlink


Sign up and create an event

Potentially meet like-minded individuals within your field.

Do-follow backlink.


Allows you to create boards and engage with other users

Sign up to the network, create posts, engage in boards, and add a do-follow backlink

Daily motion Video Sharing SEO

Use your videos on another platform and make sure to add relevant links to your page

AP Sense

It connects businesses and professionals in one platform

Create a profile and provide as much information as you can

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Social Media



k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Videezy

Submit videos you no longer use and share them with the creator community

It allows contributors to include a link pointing to their webpage or portfolio

Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Submit your product and increase your chances of getting funded

High DR backlink


Submit your idea for crowdfunding and raise capital as well as building your backlink profile


Submit your project ideas and claim funding At the very end of every listing, you can provide a direct link to your website for more information


Get a powerful backlink by uploading a video

Choose a video you're not going to use again as you lose copyright

Site will cite your website as author and owner of it

Video Sharing SEO

Video Sharing SEO




k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m We Suggest


You can simply submit your software and wait for the approval

You will only receive backlink once your submission is approved

Business Software

A backlink is a guarantee

You might get some exposure from the site's 4m+

monthly visitors


High DR site to get a backlink and discover businesses similar to yours

Once you've created a profile, write a proper description of your solution and include a backlink to your page

Alternative To

Get a powerful backlink but also compare your software to competitors

Register profile with your solution linked and stand out from the competition


Genius SaaS Directory

Submit your software project to be listed amongst others

Create a profile, include your branded powerful dofollow backlink, and wait for approval

SaaS Directory

SaaS Directory

SaaS Directory

SaaS Directory


k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m TechNoFAQ

Join discussions over tech subjects

If your comment features valuable information and includes a powerful backlink to the original source, it will be approved by admins

Odyssey Community


Successful articles will not only promote your website but can also generate an additional share of site revenue Place your link in BIO or visually incorporate it into the articles

Code Project

Join the community of web developers and share your secrets on coding

Your link can go in the profile section and as an example in the threads

ON Toplist Link Listing SIte

Toplist offers free link submissions (you're required to place their badge on your site) or paid (faster and with no badge placement required)

NewsRoom WCS

Comment Section

High rating domain, easy to get a backlink

Use the comment section to add relevant information about your site or blog

Include anchor text with your URL in it

Comment Section




k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m ProLink


List your link and your short-form article (with links) to amplify your website’s discovery

Marketing Internet Directory

If you are operating within marketing, then this is a relevant listing site to be on

Update your profile with links and submit articles to strengthen discovery chances

Link Pedia

General link submission site

The site design looks a bit rough, but the backlink is still valid

ISSUU Online


Submit your online profile and include links to your main pages

All free Things

To increase the discovery of your website, include some free resources you are willing to share. This could be an ebook, cheat sheet, checklist or other digital files

Link Listing SIte

Link Listing SIte

Link Listing SIte

Link Listing



k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Crevado

Distribute your website links across online portfolios

Create one with Crevado and include backlinks to multiple elements of your site

Live Journal Forum

Depending on the business model and industry of your firm, you might benefit from engaging in the actual forum


Become a thought leader in your expertise area Gain a backlink to your site by creating a profile Create news posts for a trending topic within your industry and link to your website


Users can add links in their profile bio

Post in the forum, providing readers with expert opinion on digital marketing with a link to the website


Create your own version of an online portfolio Include the backlink in your description

Choose relevant anchor text for your Backlink

Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio




k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m Tribber Job exchange


Get a backlink and scout for some potential talent in terms of content writing and blogging

Create a profile, fill in details, and add your company link


List open job positions with a description of key responsibilities and company information

The site gives you a great backlink and maybe even an opportunity to hire talent


It is a powerful job marketplace and company listing site for nonprofit organizations

Join the community, add a description of your company with site link and search for volunteers


Find employees for your Tech company

Join Dice, fill in your company profile details and submit a job posting


Discuss tech-savvy subjects with likeminded people Forum discussions are a great place to ask for advice and show examples with Links


Job exchange platform

Job exchange platform

Job exchange



Read our article about Webinar Tools

k lin tm ar k e tin g .c o m

Read More on Powerful Dofollow Backlinks!





This blog submission site is managed by humans, not software

Add your blog to the list, provide links, blog information and desired category for listing site administrators


One of the older submission sites that actually work Suggest your site and become a contributor to the site covering the area you're an expert in


It has outstanding numbers of daily visitors

You can be sure that posting quality content will add a backlink to your site


The 'job offer post' is a place where the do-follow backlink has to be placed

Some roles in companies are in the ongoing search for new talent, therefore leave your post up

Job exchange platform






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