Soal Ujian Akhir Semester Gasal Bahasa I (1)


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LEMBAR SOAL Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Satuan Pendidikan : Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK) Kelompok : Semua Kelompok

Paket Keahlian : Semua Paket Keahlian Kelas : XII (Duabelas)

Hari / Tanggal : 1 November 2015

Waktu : 07.30 – 09.30 (120 menit)


1. Sebelum mengerjakan soal, tulislah dahulu nomor tes anda pada lembar jawab yang telah disediakan.

2. Tulislah jawaban anda pada lembar yang telah disediakan dengan menggunakan bollpoint.

3. Bacalah dengan teliti petunjuk cara mengerjakan soal, sebelum anda menjawab.

4. Laporkan kepada Pengawas Tes, apabila terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas, rusak atau jumlah kurang.

5. a Untuk soal obyektif berilah tanda silang (X) pada lembar jawab yang tersedia. b.Untuk soal essay tulislah jawaban anda pada lembar jawab yang tersedia.

6. Apabila ada jawaban yang anda anggap salah dan anda ingin memperbaiki, coretlah dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada jawaban yang anda anggap salah, kemudian berilah tanda silang (X) pada huruf yang anda anggap benar.

Contoh: Pilihan semula Dibenarkan



7. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas Tes.

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE Incomplete Dialogues

Questions number 1 to 15, choose the appropriate option to complete the dialogue. 1. Employer : The living room looks very dirty while our guests will come at once.

Maid : ... .

Employer : Thank you A. Let me clean it fast, sir B. Will they come by taxi? C. What should I do? D. You’re right, sir

2. Annisa : Hi! How was your trip?


Annisa : You make it sound wonderful. It makes me want to take a vacation! A. It was superb

B. It was annoying C. It was just usual D. It was uninteresting

3. Erika : You look worn out. You really need a break

Tavip : ... . unfortunately, I have to finish the projects this month A. I will get a new job if I don’t do it

B. If I were you, l would talk to the manager C. I would do it if there weren’t too much work D. If l were the manager, I would go for a vacation 4. Alvin : I have sold my house and other properties

Andy : ... . Keep on spirit, please Alvin : Thanks

A. How many houses do you have? B. How much have you sold it? C. I am sorry to hear that D. I am happy to hear it

5. Ajeng : ... for you to achieve your target in slimming program if you go on eating too much

Alia : Don’t worry. I will exercise more A. It is okay

B. It is possible C. It is probably D. It is impossible

6. Della : In my opinion, the internet is very useful for us. What do you think about it? Dina : ... . There are so many negative sides that we can’t avoid.

A. I totally agree with you B. I have my own opinion C. I couldn’t agree more D. I really think so

7. Hamid : Hi, it’s great to meet you here. What are you doing? Arya : Oh, hi. Glad to see you. ... .

A. I was walking around with my family B. I have been talking to someone C. I wanted to meet some friend D. I am waiting for my client

8. Kathy : Hi, Jane, Do you have plan for this vacation?

Jane : Yes, ... . I want to enjoy the natural sighseeing of my village A. I will visit my friend abroad

B. I was back from my village C. I am going to my home town D. I have no plan to have vacation

9. John : I’d like to prepare some documents for the board meeting. ... . Randy : I did, sir. The room is ready to use.


Customer : I would like to book two seats for the flight to Singapore on Saturday. Travel agent : I am sorry, sir. ... . What about if you take flight for the next day? A. You have to make reservation soon

B. All seats have been sold for that day C. We only have two flights for that day D. The flight was delayed for a few hours

11. Woman : Excuse me. ... ? I’d like to buy some medicine

Man : Sure. Just follow this street, then turn right at the T-junction and it’s on your left

Woman : Thanks a lot

A. Do you mind showing me how to get to the hospital B. Can you show me the way to the grocery store C. Could you show me the way to the drugstore D. Is there a doctor near here

12. Wawan: What exactly do you do at the company? Rudy : I’m a marketing manager. ... . A. I coordinate my staff in promoting

B. I create products to the customer C. I handle every incoming call D. I interview the customers

13. Mutia : I have two tickets for SM Town Concert. Would you like to accompany me to see this concert?

Shinta : ..., but I have to finish my job as soon as possible A. Sure, no thanks

B. I’m afraid I can C. Sure, I’d love it D. Don’t mention it

14. Anton : What would you rather do in your spare time? Robert : ... . It helps me to keep our body healthy A. I enjoy reading newspaper

B. I prefer to do some exercises C. I had better write some articles D. I like travelling better than shopping

15. Zeta : I am so tired. I think I need refreshing my mind. How about watching a movie when we finish up here? Ayu : ... . Ler’s do some window shopping

A. That’s too bad B. I don’t think so C. That’s a good idea D. I disagree with you

Error Recognition

Question number 16 to 23, choose the inappropriate structure in the following dialogues

16. Mutia : Look! How wonderful this restaurant is! A B

Melia : You are right but believe me. I have seen lots most wonderful restaurant than



17. Atik : Who is that beautiful lady? A Ning : Which one?


Atik : The lady who is talking with Aria. She is wearing a lighten blue blouse and a C

dark blue skirt

Ning : She is Madame Mitchelle, my french teacher. D

18. A lady : Is there a flower shop nearby . Could you show me the way? A B

You : Yes, I think there is one, quite near from here. It’s the building who stands


next to the drugstore over there. 19. Arief : The job is tired. I feel very exhausted


Santi : You must be very tired after a long work. You can have an early dinner after



20. Rafa : Could you help me? I need to do my homework and I don’t A B

understand some

Tommy : I would lend you, if I have more time to help you with your lesson C D

21. Fitri : Do you like this film?

Ulfah : I do. It has a shocked ending. And I am amazed with the director’s idea to


make this film seems so real D

22. Adit : I’d like to buy my sister a special present. What do you suggest?


Ayu : Aha... a gold necklace will be the best choice. Go to The Jewelry in Eighth C

street. There, you can get good quality jewels than in any other places in this D


Reading Comprehension

Question number 23 to 25 refers to the following email

From : Subject : 15 – 18May, 2014

Date : 7 April, 2014

Re : Your booking 15 – 18 May 2014


Thank you for your email of 6 April, 2014. We are delighted to confirm the booking for your party of five guests. We have reserved three double rooms with a suite bath for 15 – 18 May, 2014.

I can confirm the room rates will be 1 million rupiahs per night. This is inclusive of the 10 percent group discount. We look forward to welcoming you on 15 May, 2014.

Best Regards, Susan Schneider

Reservation Manager Berlian Hotel

23. When did Ms. Nani reserve the rooms? A. On May 15

B. On May 18 C. On April 6 D. On April 7

24. Why did Susan write the email? A. To reschedule the appointment B. To offer a ten percent discount C. To reserve three double rooms D. To accept someone’s reservations

25. “This is inclusive of the 10 percent group discount.” The synonym of the underlined word is ... .

A. Overall B. Limited C. Exclusive D. Restrictive

Question number 26 to 28 refers to the following text

The Assembly Line Worker

In 1949, when I was 13, my family managed to escape China, and a year later, we made our way to New York city. My first years iin America was spent on learning and trying to get by in school. But by my senior year, was near the top of the class.

Still, I was nervous as I looked for work that summer. I had never been interviewed for a job. But my father was out of work, and I had to help support the family. I looked through the want ads every morning and was called to arrange appointment. Finally, I found a job on the Assembly Line at the Swingline, Inc. Staplers factory in Long Island City ( in New York City). Placing little red top on tiny staplers was boring, but it was great to earn $40 a week.


26. What is the main topic of paragraph 2? A. The writer’s father

B. The writer’s first job C. The writer’s first interview D. The writer’s most important job

27. When did the writer and his family make their way to New York City? A. In 1950

B. In 1977

C. When he was 13 years old D. When he was 40 years old

28. “..., but it gave me independence and enabled ...” (paragraph 3). The underlined word refers to ...

A. Minimum wage B. Assembly-line C. Glamorous D. First work

Question number 29 to 31 refers to the following notice

Teacher’s missing, Mr. Waluyo, age 45, failed to return to his apartment on Saturday night. Mr. Waluyo is 170cm tall and weighs 50kg with short black hair. He was wearing a black jacket, jeans and running shoes when he was last seen. Anyone who has seen him please contact Nany at 6412728 or 081 2456099.

29. What does the notice tell us about?

A. The location of Mr. Waluoyo’s apartment B. An introduction of a new teacher

C. Nany, the contact person D. A missing person

30. What does Mr. Waluyo look like when he was last seen? A. He was a very young man

B. He lived in an apartment C. He wore sport shoes D. He had long hair

31. Which statement is not true according to the notice? A. Mr. Waluyo is a teacher

B. Mr. Waluyo is overweight C. Mr. Waluyo left his apartment

D. Mr. Waluyo disappeared on Saturday night

Cloze Test

Question number 32 to 34, Complete the following advertisement with the words provided


We have 5 convention rooms fully (32) ... with the internet service plus Hotspot/WiFi. We have 150 suitable rooms with variety of accommodation: superior, deluxe, junior suite and executive suite fully equipped as for 5 star international hotel standard.

For your business and relaxation, Sleepy Hotel offers:

Seven restaurants, 24 hour room service, swimming pool, spa and aroma therapy, shuttle service to airport, banking, money changer, and shopping arcades.

We have (33) ... staff who will do their best (34) ... fulfil your wants and need. Come to our hotel.

32. A. ordered B. equipped C. confirmed D. complained 33. A. passive

B. indifferent C. uneducated D. experienced 34. A. to

B. for C. into D. from

Question number 35 to 37, Complete the following announcement with the words provided


Independent Vocational High School will give scholarship for 15 students of Junior High School. The (35) ... requirements should be noticed:

- High interest in English and Art

- Certified for IT course, including Office, Photoshop, and CorelDraw.

- It is also allowed for Headmaster of the school to give (36) ... letter to make the grant accepted.

For further information, (37) ... our web at

35. A. following B. followed C. follows D. follow


37. A. visiting B. visited C. visits D. visit

Question number 38 to 40, Complete the following memo with the words provided

To : Steven Edward Smith, Product Development Manager From : Alex Marcel Ford, President Director

Date : June 15, 2014

Subject : Meeting with Indonesian Supplier

Our meeting with Indonesian Supplier on June 10, 2014 (38) ... very succesfully. They had excellent samples. Hopefully you can look (39) ... those samples this afternoon at 14.30 in the (40) ... office.

38. A. grow B. went C. look D. left 39. A. at

B. on C. in D. to 40. A. sharp

B. close C. main D. clear II. ESSAY

Question number 41 to 43 refer to the following procedure.

What do you have for everyday meal? Yes, we have rice for our meal. Do you know how do the framers plant the rice? You can learn the following steps to plant rice.

The first step is selecting the seeds. Choose the seeds that are completely dry. These seeds must have been storage.

The second step is seedling the seeds. Prepare the seedbed by hoeing and loosening the soil in the watering sufficiently in the surface of seedling. Finally spread the seeds.

The following step is cultivating the soil. While you are doing rice seedling, you can hoe the whole soil for planting. Plow the soil and spread the fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer with the soil thoroughly to make the soil fertile. Give the water for about 3 cm above the surface of the soil to make the fertilizer settled in the soil.

The last step is moving the seeds from the seedling to the planting area, pull out the seed carefully from the seedling and the root of the seed stick some soil.


Question number 43 to 44 refer to the following letter

Personnel Manager Miracle Inc.

PO BOX 78454 Bandung

Dear Sir,

I would like to apply the position of marketing supervisor advertised in “The Jakarta Post” dated on January 25, 2015.

I have been working as a supervisor for more than eight years. I have worked as marketing supervisor for the last three years. I would like to join your company as it offers a great opportunity. If you would ask me to come and see you at any time that is convenient to you. I could give you more details which you may want about my educational background and working experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Anugrah Didik Sucitra

43. What is the purpose of the letter?

44. Why does Anugrah want to join with the company?