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Answer these question well !

1. What things can you find in your classroom ? Write fifteen things !

2. Do you have bedroom ? What are there in your bedroom !

3. Say in English !

a. Hari ini Kamis 31 Desember 2011

b. Hari ini Senin 22 Maret 1998

4. After July is ... There is an independence day of Indonesia on ….

First is ….

5. Before November is …. The first october is ….

Answer these question well !

1. What time did you get up three days ago Rahma ?

2. What did you do after getting up till 12.30 p.m

3. Do you always pray and read holy book Al Qur’an everyday ?

4. What time do you usually do that ?

How often ?

5. Tell about ?

a. Your house 10 sentences !




(SK Depdikbud No. 247766/104/KP/1997)

Jl. Masjid No. 105 Kerkep Telp (0354) 545994 Gurah – Kediri


Tahun Pelajaran 2014 / 2015

Mata Pelajaran : BHS. JAWA

Kelas : VII (TUJUH)

Hari/Tanggal : Kamis, 11 Desember 2014

Waktu : 60 menit

Wangsulana pitakon iki kanthi patitis

1. Apa kang diarani dongeng iku ?

2. Dongeng apa bae kang paling kok senengi ! Sebutna !

3. Manungsa urip ing bebrayan iku kudu sesrawungan karo manungso liyane, apa sebabe ?

4. Kanggo sesrawungan karo wong liyo iku merloake budi pekerti kang becik, amarga apa ?

5. Apa kang diarani ukara pitakon iku ? gawea tuladha papat wae !

6. Kajaba ukara pitakon uga ana ukara andharan apa kang dimaksud ?

7. Ukara iki kamakna alus !

Sapa bae bisa dadi wong kang luhur derajade, yen dheweke bisa dadi wong kang bener-bener Iman

marang Gusti kang murbeng dumadi, uga dhuweni ilmu kang becik lan dilakoni kanthi temenan.

8. Saka ukara ing dhuwur (no 7) golekana ukara andhahane karana apa ukara iku dadi ukara


9. Golekno tembung kasak baline tembung-tembung ing ngisor iki, banjur gawenen ukara !

a) Dhuwur

b) Adoh

c) Luwe

d) Lara

e) Dhahar

10. Ukara iki tulisen nganggo aksara jawa !

Bapa uga biyunge rewangku lagi wae gerah ing omah, tapi saiki piyambake diasta menyang rumah




(SK Depdikbud No. 247766/104/KP/1997)

Jl. Masjid No. 105 Kerkep Telp (0354) 545994 Gurah – Kediri


Tahun Pelajaran 2014 / 2015

Mata Pelajaran : BHS. INGGRIS


Hari/Tanggal : Selasa, 9 Desember 2014

Waktu : 60 menit

12 jl. Tengku Umar Malang

Jawa Timur 20 March 2004

Dear Shinta,

I’d like to introduce my self. I am Nova. Astudent of SMP 1 Malang. I think we have the some hobby. I like correspondence very much. That’s why I am writing a letter to you. I got the address from a Genius magazine. I hope you will be my pen pal. My hobby is not only correspondence but also reading stories. I have a lot of pen pals from different towns. How about you? Please, tell me everithing about your self as wekk as your school. I’d be gald to read your letter. See you later and get back to me.

Faithfully yours, Indriati Evie

1. Who sends the letter? a. Shinta does b. Indiarti does c. Nova does d. Evie does

2. Where does Nova live? a. Jawa Timur

b. SMP 1 Malang c. Jl. Genius

d. 12 jl. Tengku Umar

3. What does the writer hobby? a. To intoduce her self b. Correspondence c. Writing a letter d. Reading a letter

4. From the text above says that Nova and Shinta have …. a. Different hobby

b. The same hobby c. The same address d. The same school

5. I hope you will be my penpail. The underline word has the meaning …. a. Penpailku


6. Besides the writer’s hobby corrspondence, she also like …. a. Reading stories

b. Hearing stories c. Reading magazine d. Writing a letter

7. Where is Mr. David ? he is …. In … office.

9. It was a sunny Sunday morning. Iwan and his family were going to visit Sea World in Jakarta. After breakfast, the whole family took a bus to Ancol. When did Iwan and his family visit Sea World?

a. Before taking breakfast b. Early Sunday afternoon c. Took a bus to Ancol

d. On a sunny Sunday morning

10. Look at the picture. A: is it going to rain

11. X: what’s the weather been like recently? Y: it is very … I could not sleep last night.

a. Hot b. Windy c. Icy d. Foggy

12. Anita lee: how many seasons does Indonesia heve? Badjuri : there are two. They are ….

a. Summer and winter b. Hot and spring c. Wet and dry d. Wet and summer

13. X: in indonesia what season is August in? Y: it is …. season.

a. Spring b. Rainy c. Winter d. dry

14. X: what happens in the spring? Y: ……

a. The leaves turn yellow b. The grass turns green

c. The leaves fall from the trees d. There’s a lot of snow

15. Look at the picture X : where is it from? Y : …..


16. Look at the picture

X : What is in doctor’s ears? Y : ….

a. Syringe b. Pliers c. Napkin d. Stethoscope

17. Read this letter Dear Herman,

I love your country, I like the people. They are very friendly. Thank you for accompanying me while in Indonesia. I will come back to your country.

Best wishes steven X: What do you think of Steven?

Y: He is a …. man. a. Good

b. Stingy c. Selfish d. Dangerous

18. Does Mr. Steven ever come to Indonesia? a. No, he does not

b. Yes, he is c. No, he is not d. Yes, he does

19. Look at the picture.

She walking on the catwalk. She is a ….

a. Model b. Presenter c. Narrator d. Announcer

20. Reading the dialog.

Rendi : Do you want to go to the movies now? Rifqi : Now?

Rendi : Yes, why not? Rifqi : Ok whats playing?

Rendi : AADC (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta) Rifqi : That great.

What kind movie do Rendi and Rifqi to see? a. Adventure

b. War c. Comedy d. Love

21. Miss Wahyu is a nurse in a hospital in a big city. She has been a nurse for 4 years. She likes her work very much. This mount she is working in the maternity ward. She helps mothers with their new babies.

How long has Miss Wahyu been working? She has been working for ….

a. One year b. Two years c. Three years d. Four years

22. In which part of the hospital is she working? a. In the front office

b. In the office


23. Miss Wahyu is a nurse in a hospital in a big city. What is opposite meaning of italicized word?

a. Beatiful b. Large c. Small d. Old

24. Rearrange this jumbled dialogue.

1. Tuti : Do not go out of the house and stay away from tall objects like trees. 2. Ani : do you know where lightning comes from?

3. Tuti : lots of water droplets.

4. Tuti : yes, it is. The heat is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. 5. Tuti : yes, I do. It comes from thunderclouds.

6. Ani : so, what should we do if there is lightning? 7. Ani : what do thunderclouds contain?

8. Ani : is lightning very dangerous?

a. 8, 4, 7, 3, 6, 1, 2, 5 c. 1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 7, 4, 8 b. 2, 5, 7, 3, 8, 4, 6, 1 d. 7, 3, 6, 1, 2, 5, 8, 4

25. Lightning is very hot … can burn a forest. a. They

b. It c. But d. There

26. A: Why were you absent yesterday? B: I had a very bad …

A: I am sorry to hear that. Have you taken an aspirin? B: Yes, I have.

a. Sore thorat b. Backache c. Headache d. Toohache

27. X: What do you do in the afternoon? Y: I …. The plants in the afternoon. a. Water

b. To water c. Watered d. Watering

28. Very AFI has a beautiful voice. He has become very … among teenagers in the country. a. Famous

b. Bad c. Handsome d. interesting

29. Read this notice.

Don’t swim here!


This notice is for … at the beach. a. Angelers

b. Fishermen c. Coast guards d. Swimmer

30. Budi: What are the tourists doing Sinta: They are ….


Answes the questions!

1. Do you usually get up late everyday?

2. What time do you usually get up ?

3. What do usually do after that?

4. Do you understand what I mean?