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Academic year: 2019



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This chapter presents some descriptions: background of the study, statement

of the problem, objective of the study, reason for choosing the topic, significance

of the study, and limitation of the study.

A. Background of the Study

Amid the hotly debated issue on whether grammar should be taught or how

it should be taught, the researcher believes that learning grammar is undoubtedly

useful for those wanting a second or foreign language communicative

competence. This opinion is supported by Zhang, (2009:184) telling that grammar

mastery is one of the two main important things in a communicative competence

besides vocabulary. Additionally, having a communicative competence using the

new language that have been learning is the goal of our language learning. In

English teaching, there are commonly four skills to teach which are considered as

ways of communication. The people’s way of communication definitely deals

with the act of speaking, listening, reading and writing which all of them cannot

be separated from grammar. Therefore, no one cannot argue that grammar is

really usefull.

The process of communication itself always involves the way of words


spoken and written form. Thereby, grammar prevails here. No one learns grammar

while using their mother tongue in truth. As Indonesian, people just start speaking

what other people speak around. By doing that such thing only, the language can

be practiced fast and effective as it is the native language that people hear and see

everytime in their daily life. Yet, when someone wants to learn a foreign language

like English, especially in a non-English speaking country like Indonesia, one

must learn its grammar too in order to speak clearer and more effectively with

well structured sentences. Debata (2013:483) states that consciously or not,

anyone using a certain language always uses its grammar. Nonetheless, those

having unconscious grammar knowledge will only be sufficient in holding simple

language use. Once again, grammar instruction is still necessarily to be done.

Grammar teaching at English Department of Muhammadiyah University of

Purwokerto is taught as structure subject. The term of “ structure “ has a very

close meaning to “grammar” since it discusses rules of word combination and

sentence structure. It is also endorsed by Zhang (2009:184) saying that grammar

is a system consisting principles about the formation (or structure) of a language’s

sentences use. Structure class has a series started from structure 1 taught at the

first semester to structure 5 taught at the fifth semester.

Joining all series of structure class, the researcher finds out that the common

problem which often come up concerning structure class is the students’

perception. Some students say that structure class is boring. Whereas, some others

say the other way. These sort of ideas still prevail even in the last series of


boring?,How much students perceiving the same idea? whereas learning structure

is undoubtedly important. These ensuing reasons can be the answers. First, they

may feel that learning grammar is confusing. Second, they may be uninterested to

learn. So, what makes learning grammar confusing to the students?; What makes

them uninterested to learn? ;how do they feel towards grammar? how they

perceive the learning atmosphere in structure class? ; how they perceive their

instructor? These questions lead us to know more about students’ perception

towards structure class as well as factors affecting their perception.

To know further, a research on students’ perception towards structure class

is inevitably to be conducted. Knowing students’ perception towards structure

class is not like knowing students’ perception on the structure subject only as it is

related to a teaching and learning process. Thus, there should be some factors

related to a teaching learning process involved in students’ perception. As the

subject in a learning process, it is crystal clear that students are those who best

know what happens there since they feel everything in their learning process—

their interest to learn, learning motivation, learning activities, lecturer’s quality,

instructional method, learning support, media and the like. Hence, the perception

of the students must be able to describe several things related to teaching and

learning process in structure class such as instructor’s quality, students’ learning

involvement and interest, the role of grammar teaching in their foreign language

learning, teaching or learning media in which all of those factors are believed to

have a contribution to success or failure in a process of teaching and learning. The


of teaching and learning in structure class. They also have a bigger possibility of

getting learning success than those with negative perception as students having

negative perception tend to reluctantly join the class.

Knowing the advantage of survey on students’ perception towards structure

class and the most affecting factor on students’ perception drive the researcher to

conduct this research entitled “ College Students’ Perception towards Structure 5

Class at English Department of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto”. The

findings of this study will be beneficial for especially the lecturers as well as the

readers or the other education practitioners in general. Besides that, the findings of

this study can also be profitable to the other researchers having the same or

similar interest to this study. Regarding to the benefits of the survey explained

before, once again, it is necessary to carry out a research.

B. Statement of the Problem

The problems of this research are:

1. What is the students’ perception towards structure 5 class at English

Department of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto ?

2. What is the most affecting factor on students’ perception towards structure 5


C. Objective of the Study

In line with what has been mentioned before, this study tries to know the

perception of the students joining structure class at the fifth semester in the

academic year of 2014/2015. More specifically, this study is aimed at knowing:

1. Students’ perception towards structure 5 class.

2. The most affecting factor on students’ perception towards structure 5 class at

English Department of Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto.

D. Reason for Choosing the Topic

The main consideration in choosing the topic of this study is that the

diversity of perception among the students still prevail even for the last series of

structure. Moreover, grammar acquisition is something very essential in a

language teaching besides vocabulary mastery as stated by Zhang on the initial


E. Significance of the Study

The results of this study are expected to contribute to the English

Department students, lecturer, and the public theoretically, practically, and

pedagogically. Theoretically, the result of this study will bring up the useful

information on what factor related to student’s perception on grammar teaching

should be improved in order to establish good teaching learning atmosphere.

Practically, the lecturers know several things such as students’ perception towards


viewpoint on grammar teaching which all of these things will be helpful for the

lecturer to have such kind of reflection or contemplation in order to provide better

learning environment. Pedagogically, the lecturer will be aware that perception

affects the way students learn. As a consequence, the instructor will also maintain

the good perception of the students by providing better quality of teaching as well

as the learning or teaching media.

F. The Scope of the Study

Considering many factors may affect students’ perception towards grammar

teaching and learning in structure class, the researcher would like to limit his

discussion in the following points:

1. Linguistic factor ( grammar and vocabulary)

2. Student factor ( motivation, learning interest, learning involvement )

3. Instructor factor

4. The use of grammar instruction method (explicit instruction )

5. Learning facilities and media ( classroom equipments and learning media )

The decision of choosing these five factors as the scope of discussion in this

study is based on Brown’s (2007:1) statement telling that these five factors belong

to some commonly used topical categories in talking about second language


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