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Academic year: 2018



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Kharestu Alfiatdi, one name but have many meas. “Restu” it means permission of God and “Alfiat” get from Arabian language it means is Healthy. So, Kharestu Alfiatdi is a form of gratitude from my parents because with permission of God I was born with a healthy.

Okay, I want introduce my self , my name is Kharestu Alfiatdi and you can call me “Al”. I was born 17th March 1998 in Gunungkidul. Gunungkidul is a little city in Special region of Yogyakarta. The City is very comfortable and friendy many people like visit Gunungkidul because besides Gunungkidul have a fresh air, but Gunungkidul also have many tour place start from beach, river, lake until cave. Okay back to my introduction, now I live in Kalialang, Kalitekuk, Semin, Gunungkidul,Yogyakarta. A small village which I live from birth until now. I native from here altough I was college in city of Yogyakarta but I often went back to my village.


curve eyelashes. I have a B blood class. My long fingers I often wear to play guitar. My face just ordinary and nothing special. I have a brown skin not white skin,that is typical of village people. Yeah, people which live in village or mountain most have brown skin color. Probably because lineage or skin pigment that is different from the people of the city.

When I 6th years old, I started my educationn in Prebutan State Elementary School. From class 1 to class 4 I ussually get 1st place in my class but in class 5th and 6th I just get 4th place in class I dont I don't know why it could happen but it doesn't matter because I can graduate with sufficient value and can get into favourite Junior High School. But when I signed up I get insecure position and hardly acceptable, with the miracle of God I can get into junior high school that the position was almost the last and to make my mother sick because thinking me.

My hobby is playing guitar and playing volleyball. I love playing guitar since the age of 10 years first I haven't been able to play the guitar, I tried to borrow My friends guitar and use it to practice. I practiced alone not with coach and I use a music book to practice. Once I could play guitar I bought an acoustic guitar with a price of 500,000 and I used the guitars until now. I also like volleyball since Senior High School. I often follow a volleyball tournament in my city and outside the city. I too get a 1st place in National Student Sports Olympiad in Gunungkidul. I very happy at the time because that time is first time i get a Champions on Volleyball Sports.

I have a favorite food, my favorit food is fried shrimp. I love shrimp because it taste is delicious and make me hooked. Fried shrimp is often served my mother at the time of iftar or sahur. In audition to fried shrimp I also like melon fruit because it taste is sweet and the price is more cheap.


I have a sister her name is Khesita Lail Lintang, thats good name? Yeah that is good name. Lail in Arabian language is “Night” and Lintang in Javanesse language it means “Star”. Why my sister got the name? Becauses she is was born in a night with a good weather with many Star. She is 17th years old. She’s just 2 year younger than me this is not an easy one when we have a sister just 2 year younger than me because in life will always many fight and different opinions.




While in the village I was playing volleyball. I play volleyball almost every afternoon in village court. In my village, all people almost like volleyball from man until girl also like volleyball. My team also follow many volleyball tournament and sometime my time get a championship. Volleyball is part of my life,when the lecture was finished and time yet afternoon I always go home to village to play volleyball. Altough aonly a small team but I am very happy to play volleyball with them. In senior high school I also registered as student who followed volleyball. And 2 years ago I won the tournament of volleyball between high school in Gunungkidul district. I am very proud to representative of the school I take advantage of the occasion. With the hard work of all friends, finally we could won the tournament.



A lot of interesting experiences in my life. That experience makes me now a better person. Experience is the best teacher in life. Experience gives us lessons and tells us what is good and what is bad with what we have done before.

Won the Volleyball Championship


2 years ago I won the tournament of volleyball between high school in Gunungkidul district. I am very proud to representative of the school I take advantage of the occasion. With the hard work of all friends, finally we could won the tournament. Besides the tournament, we also often follow the tournament in jogja one of them is a tournament held by the Yogyakarta Air Force Academy. There we compete with various schools in Yogya area. And with hard work we have also been the 4th champion in the tournament.

2nd Place on Band Parade’s

Besides playing volleyball I also really like music. The instrument I like most is a piano or keyboard. I can play the instrument by practicing alone and sometimes also trained by the band coach at school. My most memorable experience is when my school band became the 2nd champion at the band parade event at gunungkidul on the anniversary of the Youth Pledge. To follow the race, our band practiced for 2 months. Sometimes we have to leave lessons to practice. During the 2 months that many obstacles that we face ranging from an erratic practice to personnel that sometimes do not come during practice. Our opponent in the race is also very heavy. They are mostly already good at playing musical instruments and becoming the defending champion in the race so it is quite difficult to be a champion in the race. But friends still have high spirits to fight to win the competition.


1st Place of Indonesian Football Student’s League

Besides volleyball, I also like sports football. I love soccer since the age of 10 years. Initially only playing in the village but after I entered high school I then follow extracurricular soccer. In my school there is a class that is special to accommodate sports athletes ranging from athletics, chess, volleyball, soccer, karate and others. So it's often called my school as a top school in sports. When I was in my 2nd grade school I joined Indonesian Football Students League held in Gunungkidul. My team is preparing very seriously. Every afternoon we do the exercises in the field logandeng. First we usually run around the field for 3 times after that we warm up for 10 minutes, if the schedule is a physical exercise then we will lati strength of our body such as push ups, shit up, run fast, and squad trash. We have also physical exercise on the beach. Very tiring when we exercise on the beach. Besides heat, sandy place also adds our burden in doing the movement. But I'm sure it's all used for our good

Our first game against SMK N 1 Girisubo. The game went pretty tight. At that time I was positioned as a defender. We attack each other with the opposing team. When the 30th minute we can go ahead and score 1 goal and bring our team ahead while until the first half is over. When the second half starts we immediately attack our opponent and the result is we can score 4 goals and bring my high school team win with a score of 5-0. A very good result to advance to the next game. We have a rest period of 1 day. The time we use for the total rest and not doing heavy activities because to maintain health and body condition.


liberty to take the kick. With a high focus and concentration I ran then kicked the ball and "gooooooooooooal" turned out to kick me into the goal. I was very happy at the time. It was the first time I scored during this team following a matter of pride for me. And not long after the first half finished.

Inside the dressing room we get direction from the coach. We have to win in this match to get into the semi-finals. With the cohesiveness of friends and cooperation we are confident that we can win in this match. And finally the second half begins. As usual we directly attack the opponent and the result in the 50th minute we can score a goal and can score again on 88 minutes so the score becomes 3-0 for our team. Until the end of the score remained 3-0 and our team advanced to the semifinals and face SMA N 1 Wonosari. SMA N 1 Wonosari is a team that is strong enough and hard to beat but we all sure will be able to beat the team and advance to the final. The awaited day has arrived that my team against SMA N 1 Wonosari. As usual the supporters of Duplay Holigans are already very much in the stadium and add our spirits to win in this match.


The last day comes, fear, enthusiasm mixed together. We hope in that game we can give a big trophy to the school. Because this is a time for us and for schoolgirls. We also do not want to disappoint Duplay holigans who are already present to watch this game. Those who are in the hot sun just to encourage us, therefore we want to win this game to pay Duplay Holigans effort to encourage us.

On the Day of the finals there is something special. On the final day we will visit the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Andi Malarangeng. A pride when you can shake and take pictures with Andi Malarangeng. He also encouraged both teams to compete with the sporti f and pull out all the strength to compete for the trophy. It became my own spirit because I wanted to show to the public that our team is the best team and can compete.

The first half started, the match was quite balanced. We also attack each other. Both coaches compete to win the game. My burden in maintaining the defense is also quite large because it is safe or not the defense is 4 players including me. Time and time again the opponents attacked my team's defense but not a single goal has been created. Begiu on the contrary my team attacked to the opponent's defense but always failed. It happened until the first half finished.


First time in Bali Island

Vacation is the desire of many people let alone vacation out of town. I have an unforgettable experience that is a vacation to the island of Bali. The island of Bali is a very beautiful island, many tourists who vacation there ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists.

I went to Bali during a school study tour event when I was 17 years old. We go to Bali by Bus. Travel for one night. We depart from the afternoon at 4 pm. The trip is done together. When the morning before we are already in the port of Ketapang and then live across to the island of Bali for 45 minutes. Aboard the ship is very beautiful scenery. We can see the island of Bali from afar, the fish jumps, and the little boy who swims in the sea asks to be thrown coins. After 45 minutes, we arrived at the Port of Gilimanuk. The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcomed by a small child who swam on the beach by asking for a dummy.

When arriving in Bali we immediately headed to the tourist spot Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a temple located on the beach. There are very crowded many visitors who take pictures, sitting enjoying the scenery. When I was there I was surprised because I first went to Bali. Many statues, and buildings for worship. After spending time in Tanah Lot, we then go to the hotel to rest. Travel from Tanah Lot to the hotel for 1 hour. After arriving at the hotel, we immediately put the items in the room and stetlah we bathe. After a shower we headed to the dining room for dinner. The atmosphere inside the hotel was also very comfortable and made me want to stay in Bali. We eat while listening to Balinese music makes the heart feel cool.


Morning tour schedule is we headed to a village that is still ancient and very good culture that is Tenganan Village. In the village the majority of the work is farmers and ranchers. They plant a variety of crops such as rice, beans, corn, and fruits. While most of their breeders keep chickens and raising pigs. Uniquely in the village when there are people who married then in no longer able to stay in the village after marriage because it is already customary law in the village. The villagers also often make crafts sold to tourists, they make masks, fabrics, clothes, and etc. There we are also treated to a Balinese dance that was exhibited by the youth of Tenganan village. We are also given a lot of explanation about the origin of Tenganan village and the laws prevailing in Tenganan Village. After listening to the explanation of the tribal chief, we are allowed to photograph at the temple or in the homes of the people. The house of the Tenganan villagers is very unique, the walls are many carvings made of stone. Its friendly community makes this Tenganan village a place frequented by tourists.

After visiting the Tenganan village, after that we visit Pandawa beach. Pandawa Beach is one of the most beautiful statues in Bali among other beaches. The road that is made to go to Pandawa Beach is also special that the mountain that covered the beach was split and in the middle of the road built for access to the beach Pandawa, when arrived at Pandawa Beach I am very happy to enjoy the scenery is very beautiful. I walked to the beach and dduk in the sand. The beach sand is white and the water is clear. The calm waves are perfect for stress relief. Do not forget we capture this moment by doing a photo together.

On the Pandawa beach we can surfing, snorkling and there is also a game banana both and canoes. By paying around 50 thousand rupiahs we are able to ride banana booth for 10 minutes with high speed. Also in Pandawa Beach jugabisa also do paragliding with drawn jetsky, but the cost is quite expensive about 250 thousand rupiahs once fly.


ground for turtles. To go to Turtle Farm we have to ride speedboat for 10 and pay as much as 50 thousand rupiahs. There are turtles of various sizes ranging from saplings to very large parent. In addition to turtles, in Turtle Farm there are also other animals such as birds and snakes. Animals are benign and can be invited to take pictures. I took the photo with the snake. Although scared but I try to dare to hold the snake and it is my first experience holding snakes. It feels slick.



My Lovely Mother

The family is a very valuable for my life, in the family of love, affection, togetherness can I earn in the family. Can not imagine if I lived without family, perhaps I have been internally displaced in the life out thereand feeling lonely.

Occasionally I’d feel lonely when the brother, sister, and my parents had all been asleep at the time of the evening, the atmosphere is very quiet and I felt a little scared, so it makes me hard to fall asleep, want it seemed to wake them all up so the atmosphere became lively again. It’s a little example of how valuablethat family.


in residence by the family, those who are without family is not necessarilylife as happy as I am today.

The family is the person closest to us. In addition to people around, families are people who can help us in times of trouble. Parent is two important people in our life. They pawn all of their life for their children. They will be happy when seeing their children are happy and also healthy. It is everything for them. Mother and father are our soul mate parent.

My mother was named Harsiwinarni. He was born in Gunungkidul December 20, 1970. He has brown skin, curly hair and a height of about 150 cm. My mother is a little fat but not too fat. Now he is about 47 years old My mother is a strong woman. She works as a Teacher in kindergarten. Not an easy thing to be a kindergarten teacher. Being a teacher must be patient and disciplined. Being a teacher has been his dream since childhood. In addition to being a teacher, my mother also became a housewife. All the family needs in the preparation by my mother ranging from eating, clothes, to cleaning the house. His activities during the morning was washing dishes and washing clothes after that prepare food for the family. If you eat my mother then take a bath to teach at school. Students who taught as many as 20 children. Sometimes there are many mischievous things that make my mother angry but my mother is still patient in facing children because it is already his duty.

My mother financed two children, me and my sister. Funding 2 children is not an easy thing to pay a lot of money to school. Moreover salaries as teachers are also limited. Sometimes I feel sorry for my mother, have to work, take care of the house, feed 2 children and pay for the school of her two children. But I have a dream later I will make my parents happy.

My mother is a tough person, when I do wrong then I will be rebuked and given advice. Sometimes he is also angry with my bad behavior like forgetting prayer. But despite his assertive nature, he is very fond of me and my sister. Whatever I ask for is provided as long as it is useful. I love my mother.


praise by all teachers. He is very diligent in learning despite his former situation of concern, that is learning only by candlelight because the distribution of electricity has not at that time not evenly distributed. Until now even my mother remains clever, especially in terms of the economy. Although he is only a housewife, but his expertise in managing household funds for all payments and family needs is amazing.

My Dad

My father name is Kasdi. He is 49 years old. He is handsome and dashing man. He has a sturdy body and wide chest. My dad’s tall is about 175 cm and his weigh is about 70 kg. My father has a pointed nose. His hair is black and short. His eyes are great and black. He has fair complexion and thick eyebrows. Although he looks terrible, my father is very friendly. He is happy to make other laugh with his jokes.

My father is a very great man. He could be a father and a best friend for his children. Unlike the other dad, my father is always open to his children. He always understands condition and needs of his children. My father works as a employee of Bank. As a, he is very loved the works. A friendly personality makes him have trust by her boss.

My dad and I have a same hobby. We particularly love playing volleyball. My father is very concerned with time for family. He considers his family a priceless treasure. When the holidays come, he always invites us to travel and spend time together. I’m very thankful to have a father who could be the father and best friend for me. Besides volleyball, my father is also very happy to fish. He often fished in the pond as well as in the river. When fishing my dad sometimes forgot time and got home tonight. He was happy even though he did not get the fish because he had done his hobby. Whatever is done if it is a hobby will not make the heart disappointed.


of feeding the fish was me. I feed the fish 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon. Sometimes my dad tells his friend to take care of the pool water to keep awake. When the harvest, the big fish is sold back to the person and when the fish is left my father will give it to the neighbor or cooked by the mother. And the sales proceeds will be used for family purposes.

The role of parent in our life is very crucial. Their merit can’t be said in the word and can’t be counted in whatever tools and also however thee way. The mother who had already been pregnant with and take us care from baby until adult. And now we can work and until we get married later. Father who work hard with all of his energy for full filing our needed. All of it is done by him for making his wife and his children happy.

Lovely Sister

In my family, I am the first kid and I have one sibling, one sister. I will describe my sister to you. Her name is Khesita Lail Lintang. She is a lovely sister that I have ever had and I love her so much. Khesita is my sister. She is 2 years old younger than me. She was born in Gunungkidul, on 29 May 2000. She is about 17 years old now. She looks beautiful. She has black long straight hair and also black eyes. Her height is about 155 cm and She has Indonesian-type skin which is not-too-dark skin.

She studied in the same elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school as me. She has the different hobbies as me. She like playing basketball and dancing. She always playing basketball in every afternoon. We also like to cook together even though sometimes our food tastes unique. Besides, she also likes to read novels whether it is electronic novels or novels in the form of book.



Friend, if I hear this word I think it is a friend who is really close and always there for me. Honestly, I do not really understand what the meaning of the friend itself is because I have never felt a friend who is really close and always there for me. Some friends are close to me and I am confused? Whether he is my friend or not and there are friends who are really close to me but now he is lost some where.

Probably many people who have many friends and they are always together in times of difficult or happy, but whether they can be true friends for the theme and keep a friendship until the end? ak u guess there are very few people like that. If you have a true friend, be thankful because not everyone has it and do not make them disappointed because you have left it and you break the rope of friendship. Now it's hard to find friends, let alone friends, looking for friends alone is quite difficult for some people.


My best Friend in Senior High School

Faisal has been my close friend for a 3 years. I first met her in this school, Senior High Shool 2 Playen. I asked her the way to the new class and we started talking. We’ve been friends ever since.Faisal is quite good-looking. She is handsome and smart, with white skin and she uses a veil. Like many Indonesian people, she has a great sense of style, so she always looks well-dressed even in casual clothes.

Faisal is very outgoing. He is always friendly and loves to have fun. He has a fantastic sense of humour and she always makes me laugh. However, he can be a bit immature at times. For example, when he doesn’t get what she wants, he acts so childist and stamps her feet. Faisal is very diligent in her study. He likes to listen to a music and sometimes, she spends a lot of money to do buy a baverages.

In addition Faisal is a very sengan if invited to walk or ride the mountain. Any school event that involves her physical will always follow her. Very comfortable chatting with Faisal. He is not arrogant and does not choose friends, all the same. Faisal house is not far from my house just around 10 km. So I often go to his house to just play, chat, or do the task. But sometimes I asked her mother to stay at Faisal's house

Friends at my Village

In home I also have friend his name is Vernanda, I know her since elementary school. She's very good and cared about each other, I've known her long enough and I've had a change after friends with her. She's a lot of the positive and input for me. I used to just think of the world but then I went to the world and the here after. I feel lucky to have a friend like her because my life to be more colorful and that required a long, and finally the genitals and religious. I learned a lot of what I see and feel. If I were her I'll be in know of, because real Islam really beautiful and teach the truth. I became much more obedient to God, pray, and to do with religious matters. She's too simple and it is, I want to learn things a lot from her about religion, caring, and humble


never told me a man I love and my feelings in men. It's all I'm to tell her, I think she is an unlikely person to tell my secret to a bunch of people. And we are not separated because we have in common is that doesn't ever go out, so we don't have experience a lot about love. But, I'm thanksfull because I can also with stand a lust and temptation. No one I lied to her, i'm trying to be bright and honest if you've been friends with anybody even she, I know it's people need time to myself and feel something too. But sometimes I also want to have a friend who can I have to talk about anything because I need a friend.

True Friend in College

I have a very good friend in college. His name is Resdika but I often call him Dika. He is a very good friend. Dika has a high body for the size of a man, about 175 cm almost the same as me. She has a brown leather color with straight black hair. Dark nose and thick eyebrows make Dika look scary.

Dika is from Balikpapan. Her parents are from Boyolali. He was in Jogja because he wanted to continue his studies at Ahmad Dahlan University. He was a class with me and took the same majors as me. Our residence is also located at Sorosutan Street 59 Yogyakarta. Every time we go to college we are always together. And eat together. We ussualy eating in Angkringan, besides is cheap, angkringan also have a tasty food and delicious

Although scary, Dika is a very nice person and friendly to everyone. He can not really see anyone else, especially his friends are sad. If his friend is sad, he will comfort him with all his might until his friend smiles again. Dika also likes to help his friends. She always helps happily. In fact, once he helped me when I did not have money, then he lent me some money without expecting the money back again.


Dika became a friend who is very idolized by all his friends, not my exception. I admire him so much.



Did you ever change your aspiration or future goals several times when you were kids? If that question is sent to me and then I will answer “Yes, I did.” When I was a kid, aspiration was only about the job or occupation that I will take when I finish my study or about major that I will take in the university. I never thought before that future goals or aspiration was not only about them. Now, by the time I grow up, I have known that it means bigger and broader than major or occupation. It can mean your dream, too. It can mean your obsession and ambition in filling the life we live. It can be more than one thing. It can be many things as much as we believe we can make it happen. Sometimes, it comes through inspiration, but sometimes it is built through time and process.


broadcaster was better and I believed that I could realize it easily because I thought I have a talent in doing that job. I kept that ambition and dream until I went to senior high school. I followed some broadcaster community. I had planned that I would take Communication Science when I finished my senior high school.

It felt hard to make a decision in the beginning. I thought about it for several days before I was sure that I took the right one. Finally, I thought that it was better to follow my parents suggestion and it was a good thing to make my parents happy. I went to Ahmad Dahlan University to registered to study about Communication Science. During my study, I was also active in an Gamelan organization and trying to start Broadcast. I felt so much grateful because I learn many things about Broadcasting and at once I made money. My parents supported my activities very well.

Until I stand on this point now, I realize that I have new ambition and dream in my life after I went through those life moments and time. I want to the best broadcaster as best as I can give and do for parents, government, and this nation. I want to be the agent of change by being an. I hope when I become a Broadcaster I can make money and make my parents happy. Can teach others about the usefulness of broadcasting and share their knowledge widely.

beside to being a broadcaster I also dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Any businessman. I want to be an entrepreneur because I want to be a Boss in my own business. I can manage my own finances and manage my business. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing. Lots to do to become an entrepreneur. Especially business capital. I hope, after finishing college I can make a business useful to others and can give work to others.


If you have a dream then pursue it! If you want to be a successful person always learn and learn. Respect your parents and teachers. Make parents proud of the results of your hard work. With prayer and effort then all you want will happen.

Do not give up, do it all with sincerity and maximum then the results you get will be in accordance with the business that you do.







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