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soal uts bahasa inggris kelas 9


Academic year: 2017

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Read the text answer questions 1 and 2

Rani, sorry I cant come to your house tonight to do the wall magazine project as we have planned. My grandmother has just come and she wants me to accompany her to my aunts house. I will meet you at school tomorrow. Erika

1. What is Erika and Rani's plan? a. to say sorry

b. to meet Rani's aunt

c. To accompany her grandmother

d. To do the wall magazine project together

2. From the short message we know that erika will be... tonight. a. in her grandmother's house

b. in her aunt's house c. in her own house d. in Rani's house

The following text is for questions number 3 to 5.

Most crabs have a (3) ... shell to protect their bodies. The hermit crab has a soft body and no shell of is own. In order t0 (4) ... it self, it will find an empty molluse shell and squeeze inside (5)... then with only its logs and head

sticking old, it will walk arround the sea-bed searching for food. 3.

a. shiny b. soft c. thick d. hard 4. a. close b. hide c. protect d. put 5.


b. Insufficiently c. partly

d. slightly

Read the text answer questions 6 and 9

6. What is the purpose of text above?

a. to teach the readers about special beverage b. to tell the ingredients of strawberry delight c. to explain the ways of making strawberry delight d. to describe the taste of strawberry delight

7. How much milk do we need to make strwaberry delight ?

a. one fourth cup b. two third cup c. one cup

d. two cup

8. What should we do after we put all the main ingredients into the blender ? we should...

a. slice the fresh strawberries b. pour them into glasses c. grind the cinnamon

d. blend at high speed until smooth


a. flavor b. mix c. stir

d. decorate

10. "Due to many sharp coral, The visitors are prohibited to swim along this area.

Where do ussualy find the text? a. at the lake

b. at the beach c. at the river bank d. at the swimming pool

Read the following message and answer questions 11 and 12

Dear Dan and Mum,

I want to tell you that uncle bob called yo when to were out. He said that he will be coming to semarang on the 9 a.m flight this sunday. We dont have to meet him at the airport. He'll take a taxi to our house.

Your Daughter,


11. What is Franda's purpose to write the message above?

a. to inform her parents that uncle Bob visit them

b. To ask her parents to pick up uncle bob at the airport c. to remind her parents to stay at home next sunday d. to tell her parents to meet uncle bob

12. From the text we can conclude that uncle bob will go to semarang by...

a. taxi b. ship c. plane d. car

Read the following text and answer questions 13 and 15



MOnkey island will be closed until further notice and will eventually be restored after major renovation take place. The zoo has plans to design a new modern monkey island exhibit and will unveil those once they have been set.

13. Why did the government close the monkey island? because...

a. It will hold an exhibition

b. it is no longer safe for visitors

c. it does not get fund for its renovation

d. the zoo employees served the visitors badly

14. "....adn will unveil those once they have been set (paragraf 1). the underlined word means

a. introduce b. inform c. cover d. open

15. The announcement tell us about...

a. the exhibition of the monkey b. the renovation of monkey island c. the new modern design of the zoo d. the close sure of monkey island

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