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A Thesis

Submitted to the English Applied Linguistic Study Program in Partial Fullfilment of the Requirments for the Dgree of

Magister Humaniora



Registration Number: 810111031







A Thesis

Submitted to the English Applied Linguistic Study Program in Partial Fullfilment of the Requirments for the Dgree of

Magister Humaniora



Registration Number: 810111031





Siti Zulaicha, 8106111031, Multiple Interpretation in Language Style of Facial Skin Care Product Advertisements Broadcasted on Televisions, A Thesis, Postgraduate School,English Applied Linguistics, State University of Medan, 2013.



Siti Zulaicha, 8106111031, Multiple Interpretation in Language Style of Facial Skin Care Product Advertisements Broadcasted on Televisions, A Thesis, Postgraduate School,English Applied Linguistics, State University of Medan, 2013.




As this thesis completed, firts of all the writer would like to express

gratitude to Allah SWT for the oppourtunity and possibility for her to complete

this thesis. And then her sincere appreciation to all those who have given her

invalueable help, support, suggestions, motivation, encouragement and

contribution to the successful completion of this thesis. In particular, she would

like to thank the following people.

He would like to express her gratitude to her firts supervisor Prof. Dr.

Lince Sihombing, M. Pd. And her second supervisor Dr. Syahron Lubis, M.A for

their excellence advice and encouragement from the begining up to the end form

of this thesis. She is also extremely grateful to head of English applied

Linguistics, Prof. Dr.Busmin Gurningand secretary Dr. Sri MndaMurni, M.S for

their support and role in developing her as a researcher will never be forgotten.

All lecturers, for their valueable knowledge and intrustruction and librarians of the

State University of Medan for leading some useful books and other sources that

are neede in writing this thesis.

Her thankful to anonymous participant Prof.Dr. Busmin Gurning, M.Pd,

Prof. Amrin Saragih, M.A, Ph.D, and Prof.Dr.BerlinSibarani, M. Pd. for their

suggestions, critics, and advices. Without their excellent academic guidance and

support this study would not have been possible.

Furthermore, special thanks to AhmadArifin and Satiyah M. Saleh for

their prayer, support and encouragement when it was needed most. And very

Special deep of gratitute directed to her beloved husband Syafrizal Hasbi, S.H,

M.A whose unconditional support always be remembered.

Lastly, and foremost, I express my deepest gratitude to my other family

members Aulul Imran, S.T, Siti Fudhailah, S. Pd.I, Alfi Syahrin, and Ummi

Khairah for their help, prayer and motivation given to the writer and, and also


Rayyan Muntaz and Faiq Rayyan Mumtaz for their loves and motivations during

the writing of this thesis.

Finally, a special dept of gratitute is addresedto all her beloved best friend

Yulia Warda, S.Pd.I, M.Hun, Efrini Panjaitan, S.Pd.I, M.Hum, Tuti Andriani,

S.Pd, Zikra Rusyifa, S.Pd.I, Muhammad Ihsan, S. Kom, Evi Yusmiaty, S.Pd,

Asniar Dhuha, S. Ag. for their close frienship and encouragement in finishing this


Medan, 14 September 2013

The writer,



2.1.1 Some Factors that Affecting Interpretation ... 13

2.1.2 Interpretation in language of advertisement ... 15

2.2 Language Style ... 18

2.2.1 Element of Language Style... 19

2.2.2 Types of Language Style ... 20



4.1 Data and Data Analysis ... 56

4.1.1 The language Style use in Facial Skin Care Product Advertisement 57 4.1.2 Television Watchers’ Interpretation to the Language Style Used in Facial skin Care Product Advertisement ... 63

4.2 Findings ... 71

4.3 Discussion ... 72


5.1 Conclusions ... 76

5.2 Suggestions ... 77




3.1 Data of Cosmetic Product Advertisement as Main Corpus of Research ... 48

3.2 The data of the Informants that Derived Their Interpretation ... 49

4.1 Television watchers Interpretation on the use of language Style in Facial Skin Care Product Advertisement ... 64

4.2 Television Watchers’ Response on the language Style in FSKC Advertisement ... 67



1.1Background of Study

Advertising is a contemporary giant machine to form image or icon in a

business world. It has necessarily been a supporting industry for capitalism that

has bombarded audiences through various media such as magazines, newspaper,

posters, store sign, calendar, catalogues, radios and television in order to

influence them. The benefit of advertising as a presented of information is not

extranous for many parties of people. It may include the provision of

information about product marketers, whether it is the information about a new

product or just to remind the consumers that the product is still circulating in the

market and the information found in advertisimg can motivate the audiences to

purchase a product especially through the exaggeration of emotion, whether it is

positive or negative.

While many experts believe that advertising has important economic,

social and political benefits, another issue arises when advertising also has its

critics. The advertisers often use various misleading techniques to create

superior image. One of them is through the employment of language.

Not only incorrect grammar rules and punctuation (hyphens, dashes,


false promises also found in language of advertisement such as “keeps you

balanced” in beverage product, “restores youth” in a cosmetic product or

“prevents cancer” in an oatmeal product. In other case, using uncomplete

description of information also found in in some advertisings. Take a look on the

advertisement of You C 1000 below:

advertisement has been made through a careful planning. The advertiser informs

the audience only from the positive side and not from the negative one. It can be

seen from the advertisement above. From the message, the audience understood

that by consuming You C 1000 people be healthy and fresh because it is stated

from the message. However, the advertiser does not mention that unused vitamin

C is quickly excreted in the urine, large and prolonged doses can result in the

formation of bladder and kidney stones, interference with the effect of

blood-thinning drugs and the loss of calcium from bones.

Furthermore, one of cosmetics product OLAY whitening that

manufactured for whitening skin which is used by Kajol Devgan as the model in

exposure the advertisement on television. In this advertisement tell that Kajol’s

skin much whiter and smoother after using this product. Visually, this advertising

is very interesting because the figure of the women described by beautiful women.


an exaggerated claim as the icon of products. With utilizing the psychology of

women who have always considered themselves and her body is not perfect then

the perfection of a woman in advertisement imaged because most women are not

like the models in various facial skin care advertisements broadcasted on

television, they were vying to buy these products with the hope that they could be

like the model promised in an advertisement shown on television.

Many people have been unconsciously affected by the language creation in

advertising, language that has been made through a careful plan. Since the plans

include the observation of the target consumers, advertisers must be aware of

consumers’ attitude, belief, likes and dislike habits, fears, want and desire. They

attempt to use the trends in mass consumer behavior to affect changes in specific

consumer behavior. So that a leading advertiser must find the best method

representing their products or services and in the same time using the consumer’s

behavior as a key to motivate, modify, or reinforce consumer’s perception, belief

and attitude. Therefore, the advertisers must create conditions in which people act

in a desirable way.

Furthermore, various advertisements broadcasted on television or print

media make the adviser competitive in making good and attractive advertisement.

They do all things to make the viewers persuaded and attracted with their

performance. If the purpose of the advertisement is to sale out the product, so the

advertisement should use the language as good as possible, one of them is through

persuasive language. Meanwhile, language style is included as a part of persuasive


Language style becomes a part of the diction or choice of words which is

discussed about the suitability word, phrase, or clause to deal with linguistic

hierarchy, both at the level of word choice in individual, phrase, clause, sentence

or discourse as a whole. Language style can be found in many advertisements,

especially in television advertisements. As a part of diction or choice of words,

language style often used by the advertisers to make the language in advertising

attractive and persuasive through the use of hyperbole or exaggerate words with

the purpose that the language persuades the viewers to buy the product. For the

viewers who have not enough understanding about the language they will be

persuaded and buy the product even though it is not necessary for them. But for

who have understood with the use of language, in particularly the use of language

style in advertisement, they will be more carefully in choosing the product. If they

want buy the product they will take into account whether it is needed or not.

Shimp (2003) said that a group of interest can modify public intention and

it can only be understood and executed by highly competent class or professionals

derived from authorities who are clever enough to do logical reasoning. The

theory clarifies the fact that only minor people aware that people work only for

people who have real power called the business people.

Now a day, the most popular medium used for advertising is television. It

is believed by business people that television is the most effective medium for

advertising. Undoubtedly, it is because television uses both audio and visual to

attract their audience. None denies that TV advertising is one of the efforts to


message. The produced creation is a combination between developed technique

and the reality. Slow but sure, viewers are feed by a bunch of message which

comes along with repetition. Due to that reason, the success of TV advertising is

based on how far they can apply persuasive communication to arouse viewers’

interest and desire. Definitely the persuasive technique is hoped to lead the

viewers buy or use their products.

Based on the explanation above, this research attempts to study language

performance- the way people use language related to its context of situation- in

TV advertising broadcast. It also examines the way people use language to

negotiate their role in society and to achieve their goal.

1.2Problem of Study

Based on the background, the problems of study are formulated as


1. What are the language styles used in facial skin care product

advertisements broadcasted on television?

2. What are television watchers’ interpretation to the language style used


1.3Objectives of Study

The objectives of study are:

1. to find out the language style used in facial skin care product

advertisements broadcasted on television.

2. to describe television watchers’ interpretation to the language style used in

facial skin care product advertisement broadcasted on television.

1.4The Scope of the Study

The advertisement of facial skin care productsbroadcasted on

television consists of pictures, text messages, and voice messages that are

most important manifestation and clearly illustrate the themeof

advertising. It is concluded that television is the most effective medium to

broadcast advertising because television is a cheap medium which is used

by many people. In this study, writer will focus only on the feature of the

language even though the language analyzeappears from advertiment of

facial skin care productsbroadcasted on all national television station is

always accompanied with the moving picture, whereas the languageused

in advertisement can be understood and respon by listener.

1.5Significance of Study

The findings of this research are expected to be useful or relevant


a. Theoretically

Theoretically, this research is expected to be useful for:

1) Academic society

It can be of some contribution to the development of the study

of linguistics especially sociolinguistics. It is because language used in

advertisement is one of sociolinguistic reflecting social realities.

2) For readers in general

The capitalistic point of view always sees a way to create an

image in a product or service and the desire for more satisfaction.

Advertisers always find a way to influence their audiences. One of

them is through the excessive employment of emotional appeals, for

example need for affiliation and psychological need. The research is

hoped to rise up the readers’ awareness to make their buying decision

mostly based on their own essential needs rather than simply attracted

by emotional appeals on commercial advertising.

b. Practically

Meanwhile, practically this research is expected to be

useful for advertisers, companies and TV station as the electronic

media in order to inspire them to create good advertisements which




5.1 Conclusions

Based on data analysis and discussion, it is concluded that the

language style and the television watchers’ interpretation towards the

language used in facial skin care product advertisement broadcast on

television as bellow:

1. There are seven types of language style used in facial skin care product

advertisements, they are: hyperbola, rhetoric, association, mesodiplosis,

anaphora, climax, and alliteration. Meanwhile, the use of anaphora language

style is the more dominantly because anaphora is the language style that use

repetition in the first line or the next sentence. In this case, the used anaphora

is to pressure that the product promoted is good. And the use of repetition to

make the words being remembered in the mind of society.

2. The viewers’ interpretation towards the language style and the performance

of the model in facial skin care product advertisement were that the language

and the performance of the model are interested and attractive that can make

the viewers persuaded.

3. The viewers’ responses towards the language style used and the performance

of the model included into three: first, they were interested to buy the product

because of the use of language style in facial skin care product advertisement.


model and the other part were interested with the use of language and the

performance of model but didn’t buy the product because of various



Based on the conclusions above, the suggestion can be given to the:

a. Lecturers of teaching sociolinguistic, whereas the study of language style

can be conducted and elaborated in research field.

b. For the students who want to study about sociolinguistic branch

particularly about language style. It is hoped they can take benefit from

discourse of advertisement both on television and in print media with the

purpose to improve their knowledge about the development of language in


c. For the reader of advertisements, it is hoped to be carefully in choosing the

product and think out with the use of language style in advertisement.

d. For the advisers should not exaggerate the quality of the products

promoted if they do not as same as the original condition. Thus, the

purposes of the ads not only make the product sold out in the market but



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