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Companies generating huge data entry work can now save huge labor cost by outsourcing.


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Companies from many industries like IT, consumer, pharmacy etc . are generating huge data every day. It requires lots of time and money to keep the records up to date. Considering the lower labor cost of well-educated and efficient labor in the developing countries like India, it is now imperative to outsource data entry jobs to cut labor-intensive costs immediately. Data entry outsourcing will help companies to concentrate on core competencies by assigning data entry tasks to reliable outsourcing provider. Data entry jobs can be outsourced in the following categories.

Online Data Entry outsourcing Offline Data Entry outsourcing Document Entry outsourcing Image Entry outsourcing Catalogue Entry outsourcing Legal document outsourcing Medical transcription

Insurance Data Entry outsourcing

Companies and institutions who usually need the services of data entry outsourcing are marketing, advertising & publishing, financial, hospitals, colleges & universities, lawyers, oil companies and any such large organizations. Nature of data entry outsourcing could be sometimes constant and sometimes need to be updated on daily basis. Some companies may require data entry updating occasionally.

In past, data entry was simply means data entering into computer. However, digital revolution has changed the definition of data entry. In the present business scenario, the scope and range of data entry processing has grown exponentially according to their importance and time sensitivity. Where most of the small and medium companies require data management services periodically, multinational companies need their data to be updated regularly. While outsourcing data entry jobs, care should be taken to check credibility of your outsource provider. They should be able to offer various data outsourcing services like data entry, data processing, data extraction, data maintenance and so on. In addition, outsourcing providers should be having good track record of good quality service and having well-educated staff.

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