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Handling My Difficulty in Teaching Mathematics in English for Pupils Grade 1 and 2 at Equal Bright School.


Academic year: 2017

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Tugas akhir ini bertujuan untuk menemukan solusi dari masalah yang saya hadapi selama saya magang di sekolah Equal Bright Bandung. Masalah yang saya dapatkan adalah saya mengalami kesulitan pada saat saya mengajar Matematika untuk kelas 1 dan 2 SD. Saya menemukan tiga penyebab dari masalah saya. Penyebab pertama adalah saya tidak dapat menyiapkan materi pelajaran dengan baik. Penyebab kedua adalah saya tidak tahu metode yang tepat dalam mengajar. Penyebab ketiga adalah saya tidak mempunyai pengalaman dalam mengajar Matematika. Selain itu, masalah yang saya hadapi juga menimbulkan tiga dampak. Dampak pertama adalah murid yang saya ajar merasa bosan. Dampak kedua adalah pengajaran saya menjadi tidak efektif. Dan dampak ketiga adalah murid yang saya ajar menolak untuk mengerjakan latihan-latihan yang saya berikan. Untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut, saya mencari beberapa solusi yang dapat saya gunakan. Solusi pertama adalah saya akan menggunakan permainan dalam mengajar Matematika sehingga murid yang saya ajar dapat lebih mengerti pelajaran yang saya ajarkan. Solusi kedua adalah saya akan mencari ketertarikan setiap murid agar mereka dapat lebih mudah dalam menyerap pelajaran yang saya berikan. Solusi ketiga adalah saya akan mengajarkan Matematika dengan

menggunakan cerita. Hal ini dimaksutkan agar murid dapat lebih berimajinasi tentang kaitan materi pelajaran dengan kehidupan sehari-hari. Dari ketiga solusi tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa semua solusi yang saya berikan dapat


ii Maranatha Christian University


A. Background of the Study B. Identification of the Problem C. Objectives and Benefits of the Study D. Description of the Institution E. Method of the Study F. Limitation of the Study G. Organization of the Term Paper CHAPTER II. PROBLEM ANALYSIS... 6









Background of the Study

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects to be studied by pupils.

According to Bradley ( 2008),” Mathematics, along with reading writing, is one of

the three main content areas that elementary school students are expected to master

during the elementary grades (para. 3, p. 60).” However, making pupils interested in

learning Mathematics is not easy as I thought before. The teacher has to be able to

arouse the pupils’ interest in learning it. A teacher’s role in teaching will greatly

influence the pupils’ performance. As Mansor, et al. (2011) said,” Teachings also

affect the performance of students”. Therefore, if a teacher cannot teach effectively,

the pupils will not want to learn and understand the lesson.

I did my internship at Equal Bright as a Mathematics teacher. I had to prepare

the teaching materials, exercises and tests for the pupils. When I did the internship, I

found difficulty in teaching Mathematics in English for Grade One and Grade Two

pupils. At that time, I did not know how to make the firstand second grade pupils


2 Maranatha Christian University Because I did not know how to teach new material to the pupils, some of them did not

pay attention to the lesson and some of them could not concentrate well. When they

were told to do the exercises, they refused and played around with their friends. I could

not teach well and some pupils did not pay attention to the lesson. Because of that, I

would like to analyze the problem to find the causes, effects and solutions.


Identification of the Problem

In this study, I would like to analyse some questions which are related to my


1. Why did I find difficulty in teaching Mathematics to Grade 1 and 2 pupils at

Equal Bright School?

2. How did the problem influence my students and me?

3. How can I make the pupils understand the subject that I taught?


Objectives and Benefits of the Study

The purpose of the study is to find out the causes, the effects and the

solutions to my problem. I am sure that the study will be beneficial for me, the

readers and the institution. The benefit for me is I can take the right solutions if I

face the same problem. For the readers, they can use the solutions to fix the same

problem. And for the institution, the teachers can know what to do if they find a



Description of the Institution

Based on the Equal Bright’s brochure, Equal Bright was established in June

2009. The first principal was Mr. Effendy. Now, the principal is Ms. Ellen. Equal

Bright has 4 classrooms, which are MP1, MP2, MP3 and MP4. There are 17

teachers at Equal Bright. The school subjects are Mathematics, Science, English,

Indonesian Studies, Social Studies, Religion, Music, IPC, Care, Physical Education,

ICT, Fun Math, Mandarin and Library. Equal Bright focuses not only on the IQ and

EQ but also on the multiple intelligence that the pupils’ have. The school curriculum

is focused on the skills and abilities of the students. This makes the school become

a comfortable zone to study for the pupils.

The vision of this school is to provide an exceptional learning environment

where pupils are able to recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they

can contribute to building a better society. The mission is to become a place that

provides a balance of academic rigor (knowledge) and the teaching of life skills

(values). To realized the vision and mission, this school strives to be a partner with

parents in empowering and inspiring the pupils to achieve their fullest potential in a

fun and nurturing environment.


Method of the Study

The methods applied for doing the study are library research and field research.


4 Maranatha Christian University study. The field research is based on my observation when I did my internship at

Equal Bright from 18th of July 2016 until 12th of August 2016.


Limitation of the Study

The study is based on my experience when I did my internship from 18th of July

2016 until 12th of August 2016 at Equal Bright School. During my internship, I

taught Mathematics to Grade One and Grade Two pupils. The number of pupils was

three pupils for grade 1 and five pupils for grade 2.


Organization of the Term Paper

This term-paper consists of Abstract, Declaration of Originality,

Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter

IV, References and Appendices. Abstract is the summary of this term paper in

Indonesian. Chapter I is Introduction that includes Background of the Study,

Identification of the Problem, Objectives and Benefits of the Study, Description of

the Institution, Method of the Study, Limitation of the Study, and Organization of

the Term Paper. Chapter II is Problem Analysis that discusses the factors that are

related to the problem. Chapter III tells about Potential Solutions with their positive

and negative effects. The last chapter, Chapter IV is concerned with the conclusion,


there are references which list the sources of references and appendices containing


13 Maranatha Christian University



The problem that I faced is my difficulty in teaching Mathematics to Grade

One and Grade Two at Equal Bright School. In this term paper, I have analysed

the causes and effects of my problem. The causes of my problem are I could not

prepare the material well, I did not know about the right teaching methods and I

did not have teaching experience in teaching Mathematics. The effects of my

problem are the pupils became bored, the pupils did not understand the lesson and

the pupils refused to do the exercises that I gave them. Besides the causes and

effects of my problem, I have found some potential solutions that can be used to

solve the problem. There are three potential solutions to solve the problem. The

first potential solution of the problem is I will use games to make the pupils

understand what I teach more easily. The second potential solution of the problem

is I will find pupils’ interest in teaching Mathematics. The third potential solution

is I will use some stories to teach Mathematics to the pupils.

The best potential solution to solve my problem is I will use the combination


First I will use the first potential solution which is I will use games. After that, I

will use the second potential solution which is I will find the pupils’ interests in

teaching Mathematics. To make the pupils become more interested in my lesson, I

will tell some stories which suit the pupils’ interest.

Before the teacher applies the three potential solutions that I have already

discussed, it is better for them to know about the pupils characteristics. If we

already know about the their characteristics, the three potential solutions can be





A term paper

submitted to DIII Programme for English

at Maranatha Christian University

Carolina Wiranata


DIII Programme for English

Faculty of Letters

Maranatha Christian Universiry




I thank God, who has guided and given His mercy to me during the writing of this

term paper. I realize that the supports from everyone are very important in

motivating me to finish this term paper. In this opportunity I would like to thank

those who have given me their support and help.

I sincerely thank :

1. My parents, my brother, my sisters and my aunts, who always support,

care and pray for me.

2. Dra. Irene L Kendra, M.M. and Lewinna C Aguskin, S.S., M.A as my

favorite lecturers for their support, time, advice and help in writing.

3. Raymond Evan, for always motivated and helped me in the process of

writing this term paper.

4. All the lecturers and staff of DIII English Programe at Maranatha

Christian University for their help during my studies.

5. Ms. Merry Ellen, as the principal of Equal Bright School, who has given

me the opportunity to do my internship as a Mathematics teacher.

6. All my friends who have given their support and prayer during the process


Maranatha Christian University


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