Contoh Soal Latihan UAS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas X, XI, XII Kurikulum 2013 soal uas x

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Incomplete sentence

Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c, d or e on your answer sheet! 1. Shinta meets Mr. Rio, her English teacher, at 07.15 a.m and greets him.

Shinta : ….

Mr. Rio : Good Morning A. Good morning B. Good day C. Good evening D. Good afternoon E. Good night

2. John : Hello, Paul, How’s life? Paul : ....

A. Good B. Cherio C. See you D. Bye E. So long

3. Lenny : Sorry, Andrew, It’s 4 p.m. I have to go. I have another schedule. Andrew : Okay. ….

A. See you later

B. I’m afraid I have to keep you a bit longer C. You may go after I finish this

D. You have to wait for me E. I’ll wait you

4. Lendra is a new member of Rotary football club. He introduced himself. Lendra : Ladies and gentleman. ….

A. Let’s introduce yourself to the audiences B. I am happy to meet you

C. Let me introduced you to the audiences D. May I introduce you to the audiences E. Allow me to introduced myself

5. Ari : I’m very grateful for your help, Ardi

Ardi : ….

A. That’s very kind of you. B. That’s all right.

C. It was my pleasure. D. Thank you

E. Don’t mention it.

6. Surya : You give me new novel, thank you very much


A. I’m sorry B. You are welcome. C. It’s too bad D. Not at all E. Thanks a lot

7. Aden : … I’ve spilled some milk on the table. Heni : I’ll clean it for you immediately A. I am sorry

B. Be careful C. It’s OK D. No problem E. Thank you

8. Rano : Hey, you step on my toes! Akbar : ….

A. Yes, I can do it B. Hei, look at me! C. I don’t understand D. I don’t care E. I’m so sorry

9. Siti : It’s so hot. … , please

Sarah : Sorry, but the fan doesn’t work A. Tun on the fan

B. Turn off the fan C. Break the fan D. Move on the fan E. Open the fan 10. Nagawa : …?

Andy : I’m from Indonesia Nagawa : What do you do? Andy : I’m a technician A. What do you work

B. Where do you work C. How are you

D. Where are you from E. Where have you been

11. Ega : How tall is your brother? Ayu : He is 185 cm

Ega : Wow, he is very .... A. High


C. Long D. Height E. Short

12. Your sister is very ... She always helps my mother everyday. A. polite

B. beautiful C. helpful D. naughty E. tricky

13. Rina : Don, What is Shinta like?

Doni : Trust me. she is a ... girl. I love her at the first sight. A. tall

B. young C. Beautiful D. lazy E. naughty 14. Rere : ....

Bona : She has long hair, white skin, and oval face. A. What does Ani like?

B. Is Ani a beautiful girl? C. Where does Ani? D. What does Ani do? E. What is Ani like? 15. Jojo : ....

Shanti : It is a half past six. A. Where do you work

B. What is it? C. Where is she? D. What’s matter? E. What time is it?

16. Hendra always uses nails, a hammer, a handsaw. He is a/ an .... A. doctor

B. officer C. bricklayer D. police E. designer

17. Ann : Which one is your book?

Sue : ….


C. The old big one

D. The little black striped one E. The big pretty round one

18. Abdi : How many red shirt do you have? Bara : ….

A. I have many shirts

B. I have lots of red ones but no blue ones C. I have a dozen red shirts

D. I have no blue shirt E. I have many blue shirts

19. Meta : When will the meeting be held? Ajeng : It will be held on….

A. Last Monday B. Tomorrow at 9 a.m C. Yesterday

D. This morning E. An hour ago

20. Reza : I won’t be able go to the meeting tonight. I got headache. Rizki : ....

A. Marvelous B. Awesome

C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Great

E. Excellent

Error Recognition

Identify the underlined words or phrases that should be corrected or rewritten by crossing A, B, C, D, or E!

21. My friend is a good guitarist, and she loves hers guitar so much. She often practices by herself to A B C D E strengthen her Skill.

22. Some of the students come from China but many other students are America. A B C D E

23. Every students in a class characteristically has spesific and very unique attitude. A B C D E


25. I don’t know where the childs are playing at the moment. A B C D

26. Aniko : I’ve lost my pencil. Will I borrow yours? A B C D

Ella : Certainly. Here you are E Aniko : Thank you

27. Karen : What time does you usually go to bed? A B C D

Reena : at 9.30 p.m E

28. Rena : May you like to have some tea? A B C Nanda : Yes, please. Thanks. D E

29. Chika : I think the show is so bored. It makes the audiences feel unsatisfied A B C D

Cindy : Well, I agree with you Chika. If I knew that, I would not buy the ticket. E

30. Nawa : Happy birthday Mila. You’ll look wonderful tonight with your new gown. A B

Mila : Thanks. I am so happy you couldn’t come. Make yourself feel at home. C D E

Reading Comprehension

Questions number 31 – 33 refer to the following information

I have a new back pack. Its color is green. I always bring it whenever I go to school. It is made of strong fabric.


31. What does the text tell us about? A. The backpack’s material B. The parts of the backpack C. The writer’s new backpack D. The writer’s favorite color E. The writer’s new-small pocket.

32. What is the color of the writer’s backpack? A. Green

B. Blue C. Red D. Purple E. Black

33. Where does the writer put his books and pencil case? A. Pocket

B. Main part C. Small part D. Left side part E. Small pocket

Questions number 34 – 39 refer to the following information

34. What is the Indonesian term for small, traditional market? A. Toko

B. Swalayan C. Kios D. Pasar

E. Supermarket

35. When is the market usually crowded? A. Morning

B. Early morning C. Midday D. Midnight E. Afternoon

36. Who usually crowds the market? A. The cooks

B. The sellers C. The servants


D. The housewives and girls E. The resellers

37. Who likes bargain in the market? Most of the ….

A. Sellers B. Buyers C. Merchants D. Servants E. Retailer

38. Why does marketing at a small, traditional market take much time? All the answer are correct,except ….

A. The buyers try to bargain.

B. The buyers select the best quality products. C. The sellers try to keep the price high.

D. The sellers wait for the buyers to wrap the purchase. E. The buyers wants the reasonable price for the products. 39. “The price of food is not fixed and reasonable “

The underlined word means …. A. Exorbitant

B. Expensive C. Inexpensive D. Overpriced E. Dear

Questions number 40 – 42 refer to the following information

40. Who did the writer go to the beach with? A. His friends

B. By himself C. His friend D. No one E. His family

Last holiday, my friends and I were spending our time in a beach near our town. That was the most precious moment for us. We did everything we wanted, laughed, smiled and did a lot of crazy things there. That was really happy and fun.

In the afternoon, we went to the reastaurant near it. We ordered some food and snacks while enjoying the beach view in the afternoon. Looking the sun set in the beach, we were so amazed and thought it was the best thing we had ever seen.


41. Where did the writer go after playing in the beach? A. Café

B. Restaurant C. Park

D. Theme Park E. Library

42. How did the writer feel? A. Sad

B. Regret C. Disappointed D. Bored

E. Cheerful

Questions number 43 – 45 refer to the following information

43. A. excited B. disappointed C. regretful D. upset E. ashamed 44. A. unhappy

B. sorrowful C. surprised D. awful E. sad 45. A. sad

B. sorry C. glad D. awful E. miserable

Andre : What’s up? You look so _____ (43)

Linda : Yeah. I’m so ____ (44) to hear that my sister will visit me. I haven’t seen her for ten years and now she will get back here to meet me.



1. Read the letter and answer the questions below!

a. Who is the addressee?

b. Why did the writer write the letter?

c. “….I’m looking forward to hearing from you.” The underlined word has the same meaning with … 2. Complete the dialogue using time and date expressions!

Guest : (a) _______, please? Staff : It’s twenty past two. Guest : (b) _________? Staff : It’s March the third.

Guest : What time do I have to check out? Staff : Check out is at 12.00 p.m

3. Arrange these words into good order of noun phrase! a. boat- beautiful- yellow- wooden- Canadian – a b. expensive – leather – shoes- the – American - black

4. Fill the blank with the correct form of Simple Present Tense by using the words in the brackets as the appropriate verbs.

5. Read the situations and then write what would you like to say.

a. You want to borrow your friend’s camera. What would you say to him/ her? b. You want to offer your friend some tea. What do you say to your friend? September 29th , 2015

Jl. Mulawarman Raya 26 Semarang

Dear Shinta

Hi, my name is Dina. I live in Semarang. My teacher asked our class to write a letter, and I found your name in one of the pen pal lists that my teacher recommended. Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Dina Andara.You can call me Dina. I have a brother and a sister I live in Semarang. My hobby is playing tennis, and I hope I will be an excellent tennis player someday.

I think that’s all about me. I hope you can be my pen pal and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes Dina

Everyday Jane (a)_______(wake) up at 5.00. She (b)____ (eat) an apple and(c) _____(drink) a cup of hot

chocolate. Then she (d)_____(get) in her car and (e)______(go) to work. At work she(f) _____ (read) a

newspaper and (g)_____ (write) some letters. Jane usually usually invite her friends to (h)____ (have) lunch

at lunch-time in the park near her office. She often(i) _____(meet) visitors from abroad in the afternoon.