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A. Background of the Study

Human’s being living in society always needs to communicate with

other people. Communication represents the vital and elementary social

process in human life. According to Yoder in Moekijat (1993:1),

“communication is the interchange of information, ideas, attitudes, thought

and opinions”.

People use language as a means of communication in the forms of

sound in structure. It is reasonable why language is interesting to analyze.

Using language is really producing sound in sequences which form groups of

words, both in spoken language or written language and gesture.

Now day’s people are easy and like to show their feeling by writing

the song. Song is another way to communicate people’s feeling to someone

else that is through lyrics. Lyrics is not only the arrangement of words into

sentences but also representation of the composers emotion to describe the

feelings, such as falling in love, sad, happy, jealous, broken heart, missing

someone, and others. Every lyric consist of words or sentences which have

different grammatical functions and song lyrics could be said as part of

discourse. Nunan (1993: 5) states that

Discourse is a continuous stretch of (especially spoken) language larger than sentence, often constituting a coherent



unit, such as a sermon, argument, joke or narrative. Discourse analysis is the functional analysis of discourse.

In another page as stated by Nunan (1993: 20) “discourse analysis also

studies these texts forming devices”. Brown (1983: 1) states that “The analysis

of discourse is necessary, the analysis of language in use”

In short, discourse is more than a message from a sender to a receiver

and a reader or listener is much more than just receiver who decodes incoming

signal (Renkema, 1993: 34).

In this research, the writer uses pragmatics approach. While Yule

(1996: 3) “sates that pragmatics is study of speaker meaning”. This means that

pragmatics is concerned with the study of meaning as communicated by a

speaker and interpreted by a listener.

The study of pragmatics is concerned with many principles to make

sense of what somebody hear and read. Pragmatics focuses a study like

deictic, reference, entailment, and speech act and so on. And in this research,

the writer wants to analyze the kinds of deictic analysis of song lyrics in David

Archuleta Album and also the meaning of deixis of song lyrics in David

Archuleta Album.

In this study, the researcher analyzes song in David Archuleta Album.

The researcher tries to analyze the deictic of song lyrics in David Archuleta

Album, because many of people are interested in this album, especially from

woman teenagers. Beside this album is good to listen, the singer is a handsome

and friendly man.

Based on phenomenon above, the writer is interested in the conducting


Basically, song lyrics could be said as a part of discourse. So the

researcher will do an analysis entitle A Deixis Analysis of Song Lyrics in

David Archuleta Album.

B . Previous Study

The researcher wants to present the previous researches that deal

especially with Discourse Analysis. The pr evious research was done by

Hasanah, (UMS, 2006) entitled The Use of Deixis in Gladiator Movie’s

Manuscript. The results of this research are to find deixis devices and clarify

the meaning of deixis devices that be used in movie’s manuscript. The

researche r uses movie’s manuscript as the data and clarifies deixis devices

based on pragmatics meaning.

Another previous research was written by Handayani, (UMS, 2002).

Her thesis entitled A Discourse Analysis of Your Letters in the Jakarta Post

Newspaper. The researcher has the aim to find elements of discourse in

newspaper and also find deixis devices which used in discourse Your Letters

used in the Jakarta Post Newspaper.

In this research, the researcher has similar focus, it is to find deixis

devices and the meaning of deixis devices but the researcher uses song lyrics



C. Problem Statement

Based on the consideration in the background, the writer formulates the

problems of the research are mentioned bellows:

1. What are the kinds of deictic devices of song lyrics which are used in

David Archuleta Album?

2. What are the meanings of deixis of the song lyrics in the David Archuleta


D. Objective of the Study

Based on the problem statement mentioned above the researcher has

the following objectives:

1. to identify the kinds of deictic devices of song lyrics as discourse in the

David Archuleta Album.

2. to examine the meanings of deixis of the song lyrics in the David

Archuleta Album.

E. Limitation of the Study

The writer has limitation in the analyzing the discourse of song lyrics

in the David Archuleta Album. This study is intended to help the readers

comprehend the discourse analysis of song lyrics.

F. Benefit of the Study

The researcher hopes that this research on deictic of song lyrics in David


1. Academic Benefit

This study gives contribution to discourse study especially in deictic


2. Practical Benefit

This research helps readers to get more knowledge or information

about discourse toward the deictic analysis.

Besides, this research can be used to add reference to other researcher

in analyzing of deictic.

G. Paper Organization

The organization of research is given in order to make the readers

understand the content of the paper.

Chapter I is Introduction, which consists of background of the study,

previous study, problem statement, objective of the study, limitation of the

study, and benefit of the study and paper organization.

The underlying theory is in the second chapter. It deals with notion of

song, the notion of discourse analysis, types of discourse, the notion of

pragmatics, and the notion of deictic.

Chapter III is research method. It consists of type of research, object of

research, data and the data source, method of data collection, and technique of

data analysis.

Chapter IV is research result and discussion. In this chapter the researcher

presents the kinds of deixis and the meanings of deixis of the song in David

Archuleta Album.