Of Morality And Integrity A True story

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Recently in India, a news appeared. The news was not shocking but must be given a second thought.



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Recently in India, a news appeared. The news was not shocking but must be given a second thought. A sex worker had not told her daughter about her profession and saved enough money to send her daughter for higher education to Australia. After daughter came to know the source of mother’s income, the report says that the mother and daughter have come closer.

This story has great human touch of a sacrificing mother saving for her daughter to keep her daughter away from the profession she was involved in. Ok till now. What about the daughter? Should she agree to go abroad and study and let her mother continue in the profession she so hates? Should she use the money from the profession so hated by the mother that the mother has decided to keep her daughter away from it any cost? Should the daughter not persuade the mother to donate all the collected money, begin earning honorably and keep her mother away from a profession her mother feels is dishonorable? Will the daughter come back from Australia and begin earning well, and then ask her mother to stop? Will she study happily till then all the time realizing what her mother is doing? What value for such education when the person has no values? What

value for such money that is considered dishonorable by the mother? What value for such a relationship where every thought and decision is massively confused?

If moral and right living is the goal then the daughter should ask the mother to immediately stop what she has been doing. Refuse to touch the money and help mother come out of this moral confusion. Nothing moral and good ever came out from immoral acts. No strong building can be constructed on the foundation of sand.

We sometimes forget that good life requires sacrifices. Nothing good comes out comfortably. Life is complex and takes tests at every step. Please think about this story again, and imagine of the past and future of such people and such relationships. A non-integral person never gets any peace. A non-integral person can never give any peace. A liar and a dishonest person can never preach stories of honesty.

Both the mother and the daughter should come to term with mother’s deeds. Atone for the perceived sins of the mother and get on with a life that teaches frugal living but honest and moral earning. Please remember that prostitution is a dishonorable profession. This though has not come from me, but from the mother herself. Moral questions do not have easy answers. Please read this story again and decide about the moral questions that are present in front of the mother and the daughter.

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