UKK B Inggris Kelas 3

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Teks penuh


I. Chose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d! 1. Wednesday,...friday

A. thursday B. wednesday C. tuesday D. saturday

2. There are....days in a week A. seven

B. six C. ten D. twelve

3. The day before wednesday is....

A. thursday B. wednesday C. tuesday D. saturday

4. The month before May is.... A. march

B. august C. april D. december

5. The month after august is.... A. october

B. september C. november D. july

6. Mother goes to...., she buys vegetable and fruit

A. post office B. mosque C. library D. market

7. My mother is a doctor. She works in....


8. Mrs. Henny is a teacher, she teachs many student, she works in....

A. hospital B. library C. mosque D. school

9. I am Akbar. I am a student, I need.... A. car, uniform, handphone, money B. book, pen, pencil, bag

C. house, car, sofa, bed D. ring, bicycle, shoes, food

10. My father is a....

A. mechanic B. farmer

C. doctor D. driver

11. She is my sister, she is a....

A. teacher B. doctor


12. There is dog...the table

A. under B. beside

C. behind D. on

13. The bag is...the doll

A. under B. beside


14. There is the bedroom

A. spoon B. pillow C. tooth paste D. stove

15. There are...., the bathroom

A. soap, shampoo B. blanket, pillow C. book, bag D. plate, glass

16. Mother cooks in the.... A. diningroom


C. kitchen D. garage

17. Is it spoon?

A. yes, it is B. no, it isn't

C. yes, it isn't D. no, they are not

18. Is it frying pen?

A. yes, it is B. no, it isn't

C. yes, it isn't D. no, they are not


A. C - U - P B. si - yu - pi C. si - yu - ef D. ce - yu - pe

20. ji - el - ei - es - es





II. Match


2. Ahmad is moeslem, he pray in....

3. Mother buy vegetable in....

4. I take a bath in....

5. We celebrate Kartini day is....

6. The day after saturday is....

7. The building is for animal is....

8. Rega sleep in....

9. Belakang in english is....

10. Father saves money in....

A. mosque B. zoo C. bank D. behind E. sunday F. market G. april H. bedroom I. church J. bathroom


14. b 15. a 16. c 17. b 18. a 19. b 20. c